How I spend my time when I'm bored...

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  1. Well I'm home from work..wifes still sleeping from midnights, dogs too, called all the boys and everyones buisy. Tried the TV...CRAP, so I figured I'd try some of the mustang sites I used to go's a perfect example of why I spend so much time on stangnet...but with an ending that made me laugh so hard I had a tear come down my face. I hope I don't have a rep around here as an Ethug personality but this guy got under my skin a the way it ended. I know I came across like a genuine ass but again please reference thread title...
  2. eww mustangforums. I think I posted there once
  3. I know, I feel dirty too.
  4. way to lay the smack down though.
    I noticed tom wouldnt post any pics of his
  5. I'm a thugger...I hate guys like me..ah well nice way to waste an afternoon :)
  6. LMao... that guy wanted to kill you and your car saved your @$$.. everyone was like Dman your da MAn... lol.. i would have too tho.. lol Good job Dman..
  7. Think I'll just hang around here...everyones nicer round here :(
  8. you should have posted a pic of ryans old car and said that your daddy wouldnt let you have a v8
  9. :lol: Nice one. Usually those guys will play off "Oh well mine is better " bla bla bla and then never post pics to prove it.
  10. thats only cuz when you die, we have raffel tickets for who gets your car... so far im the only one... i bought them all... lol j/k i love you, and i dont want you to die
  11. its like no one can talk about a nice car in here with out someone with a nicer car then i have comes in and says somthing too... Good job Dman and manson. im gonna total my car now..
  12. I knew it!!!!!!
    STEVE-O LOVES DMAN!!!!!!!!!:eek:
  13. nothing new, i love everyone its a proven fact..

    i love you too panama
  14. Dave gets the car because I know he'll finish it right...Dave make sure she gets the cobra grill, the seats I showed you, the momo wheel in my wish list at summit...and I can't think of anything else right now....
  16. hey steve you should get down here in the next month or so. Spring break is about to kick off. the 5.0 possee can kick it at my place for free.
  17. now when a littler not as cool red mustang like Dmans and manson, pulls up with a guy and a duffle bag i dont want to here anything cuz i will take you up on that offer
  18. is there a midget in that duffle bag?
    get here early bikini and wet t contests start at 3:00 and we have to get good and plasterd before that
    I can smell it now: beer, weed, and coconut oil. damn I love the beach
  19. lol, do you want there to be one in it ?
  20. id come down there, but in the next couple months theres gonna be so much snow and rain and salt on the ground, that it would be a sin to even think of pulling my car out.. i would if it rained to wash the salt off the roads, and dosnt snow for a couple days so i can beat the snow donw there..