How I spend my time when I'm bored...

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  1. I can't remember a thing. Refresh?
  2. We have adopted a little boy :) 18 months of more stress paper work and financial contributions than I care to mentionwe have finally paid of, we are VERY very very fortunate to have been blessed with a gorgeous 5month old baby dman. We leave this week to bring him home.
  3. I don't remember that conversation at all, but congrats and good on ya! That's very cool :) Now I understand your avatar.
  4. dat's my little boy alright...hope he likes to polish aluminum/wax/clean the car as much as I do..cause when I hand him the keys next week he BETTER keep her in the condition I"M accustomed too :) I don't care if he's 5 months or 500!!!!
  5. GO get him... lucky lil bastard... I always wanted to know if you were really a midget... shouldn't you get some booster pedals, I am sure you could polish em :D
  6. hey I'm no midget...damn 5'7 DUDE~~~:(
  7. legally a midget....
  8. :nonono: not a midget :mad:

  9. Me and 2 of my friends brought mustangforums to a grinding hault (crashed the website) by spamming threads and making our sigs like 6 megs.


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  10. ^^^^^lmfao!!!!! holy **** that is hilarious!!!! GOD DAMN!!
  11. Painted air boxes are for ricers :rolleyes: :D
  12. All I have to say is :owned:

    DMAN, no joke you have a nice car! I think you could take comfort in knowing you probably have one of the nicest Mustang fox bodies in this community.
  13. you guys is nice guys...but it's only one of many on this site I can think of 10 off the top of my head I'd travel to see.