How important are cv boots/joints?

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  1. So my other vehicle is a 94' Nissan 4x4 pickup. It has about 154k miles and is defiantly not pretty. It runs great but I noticed that one of the cv boots is ripped. Knowing how often the previous owner off roaded it I am sure that it has been ripped for awhile. My question is; do I really need to replace the boot/joint? What are the symptoms of a bad cv joint and what is the worst thing that could happen with a bad one? Can I just replace the boot and repack some grease in it or should I change the whole joint? How labor intensive is it to do? Thanks!:nice:

    not mine but close enough:D
  2. Get new ones. Dirt gets in there and eats it up. They will start making noise then later they will break.

    If the boot had just broken, or was just cracked, you could replace the boot and repack. CV's arn't that expensive.
  3. if the boots have been ripped for awhile now and the joint is dried out replace them

    i've replaced them on FWD vehicles only so i don't know what's involved in a 4x4, couldn't see it being any more difficult though:shrug:
  4. How important is the vehicle being able to move to you? There is your answer. If boot is torn, get it replaced as soon as you can afford. Otherwise, once it rusts or is making noise, then you are replacing the whole joint.
  5. I was about to say....that's not a bad lookin truck! How freakin' close is that thing parked to the car inf ront of it?

    Anyways, think of it as being similar to driving around with no valve covers. The CV's are a vital part of your drive-line......and if its been like that for awhile, like already said, probably should replace it.

    Shouldn't be a big deal to swap out. If you could probably wait until it starts making noise.....but then you're gonna have to replace it quick unless you want to risk getting stuck somewhere.
  6. If money and time are a big concern, they now make CV boots that are split. you remove the old one, put the new one on fill it with grease, and fasten it together.

    it makes it to where you dont have to take everything apart, and its cheaper, so it would be a better choice rather than leaving it the way it is.

    If you have the time and money, i would suggest fixing it the correct way with a new boot and possibly a new joint.
  7. I have seen a couple of roll over car accidents from cv joints. both were smaller cars, and they kind of did a pole vault.
  8. That is exactly what I need. Do you know where I can find the pre slit boots that you fasten together? Also can I just pack it with white lithium grease or is there some special lubricant to use?
  9. axle grease ONLY and it should come with the kit
  10. If it is the front axle, and it has manual locking hubs which are unlocked, and it's in 2wd, the cv joints shouldn't be moving. If all of the above is true, you could change them at your convienence.