how is everyone running this setup???

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  1. Eldebrock performer intake 5.0, Eldebrock performer Heads*1.6 stud mounted rocker**, how do i go about the whole valve cover ordeal? Get Spacer or no spacer or what.......i did a search and found little info and i see so many people are running studed rockers so how do u get it to work??? Thanks :shrug:
  2. you can use fox valve covers (with slight modification to the baffle) without an intake spacer. with just about anything else, a spacer of at least 1/2" will most likely be necessary.
  3. is the spacer a good or bad thing though?? Also i heard if u remove the baffle oil will shoot out of the Valve cover ?????????
  4. I'm running fox body vc's with Scorpion stud rr's on my AFR's.

    I've got the baffle cut out and have had no problems that I know of.

    I don't have a spacer also.

  5. Could just use fox covers and remove the baffle and use a Regular cap and not a breather so it wont shoot oil out correct
  6. Final 5-0, do you use a breather system or do you use the stock hookup from the valve cover to the intake track? I have no baffle and I notice a large amount of oil leaking out of the breather.
  7. Well i think i figured it going to just get the Pedastal monted heads instead of my stud mounted ones and use my factory covers and get them polished, then get some cobra 1.7 rockers to get more lift out of my cam and wont need any spacers or anything.
  8. I do not use a breather

  9. Whoa, you had stud mount rockers and now your going pedastal? Why go through the hassle of sending them back. It won't matter which kind of rocker you use. Your sending stuff back for no reason. The stock valve covers will have to be messaged to get them to work with either of those rockers. Oh, and why would oil shoot out the breather? Who is telling you to send stuff back and oil will shoot out the valve covers? None of theses questions make sense.
  10. not to much of a hassle returning the heads because i like only 30minutes from summit racing retail store and i get most of my stuff from there so i can just drive there which i did. And i believe the 1.7 cobra rockers which im getting were on the 94-95's and they used the same valve covers as my 94 GT did so i think it will be fine
  11. gt and cobra VC's are not the same.. Im not sure how much taller they are. From what engine builders say, stud mount rockers are the way to go.
  12. lets see a pic of a 94-95 cobra engine with a close up of the valve cover then a pic of the Gt close up of a valve cover.......if i do return the heads again and go stud rockers offocurse they have more strength but dont really need it my car isnt going to be some race car just a quick street car........and like i was saying if i did return my heads again to get the stud ones i know a dude that can make me some custom valve covers that are awesome.
  13. u will notice right away the cobra VC's say cobra on them, do ur gt covers say that?

    Ped rockers are **** to settup compared to stud mounts, from my understanding.

    If u know a dude who can make u VC's and u want to do that, then y did u start this discussion
  14. just a question. if you werent going to take my advice at all, why did you keep me talking about this for an hour the other night? :shrug:
  15. u dont only get one persons opinion....isnt that what these boards are for???
  16. FordStang

    The stud rr's are not a prob with fox body vc's.

    I use Scorpion rr's and they are larger than the Crane's and such. I think ANY street type stud rr will fit.

    IMHO, you get more options with stud rr's.

    I don't understand your thought process unless you just don't like the look(can't see em any way) of the fox vc's.

  17. because he doesnt listen, and he knows everything.
  18. my thinking is why do i need to get studded rockers?? yea there stronger and all but why get different valve covers that are for the fox bodys or get spacers ect.....if its just a street car and not trying to get into the 11 or whatever why not just get bolts on pedastals??
  19. well, when you are talking to me about something i have personally been through with not only my own, but 5 other cars, i would think that what im telling you would be enough. thats all.
  20. if you think you are going to just drop the stock valve covers on top of some 1.7 pedestal mount rockers, it isnt going to happen. VibrantRedGT had to grind the ends of four of his rockers off to fit his stock covers over them (the 4 on the ends). as far as why i went stud mount, i only wanted to do it once. i didnt want to buy the pedestal mount, and need to upgrade later on down the road. i've learned my lesson with that kind of stuff and now prefer to do things right the first time around.