how long are we going to be able to run gasoline

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  1. powered vehicles? do you think it will get to the point where everyone just buys hybrids and vehicles powered by other things and gasoline will be very hard to get.

    this has nothing to do with price because im sure its going to be expensive, but just the matter of getting regular gas for normal cars. how long do you guys think before somthing like this happens? or do you think we will drill alaska or whatever and have oil for a long time.

    do you think gasoline powered cars will become outlawed at any point?

    id hate to spend all this money on a car that i cant even use anymore. :D

    i still have to supercharge this thing.
  2. Gas prices are :bs:

    They are just raping us :nonono: . Exxon (think thats how it spelled) posted a $10 BILLION profit:jaw: in the fourth quarter last year! I donno about you but I think something is :scratch:
  3. We have plenty of crude oil. The supply shortage theory is greatly exaggerated. We do need to find a viable alternative sooner than later, but I wouldnt go trade your stang anytime soon.
  4. if the liberals get controll of the white house/congress we will never get any oil out of alaska, we will all have to drive vehicles with better mpg etc.
  5. i figure eventually even the libreals are not going to be able to afford gas for their cars....wonder if they will change their tune.

    well i hope you guys are right and we will be able to get the gas to our cars for years to come. i didnt plan on getting rid of my car untill it was falling apart.

    anyway yea somthing is def. up......not sure what the hell it is though. if there is so much oil, then why the hell are the prices supposed to reash $5 bucks a gallon soon? also there are more and more better mileage cars on the road and the car manufactures are trying to do their part by producing these cars. i figure with these cars being made and bought that we would see a decrease in gas price over time but it keeps going up and they are claiming its running out.:shrug:
  6. solar powered lawn mowers ftw!... build a gasoline storage tank under your house so when we run out you can still drive the stang around.
  7. gasoline piston engines are still a more efficient method of transportation than electric motors. Ethanol is a viable alternative, and doesn't require everyone buy new cars, so I expect all the hybrids will never be more than a curiosity, and your basic internal combustion engine will be pushing cars around in 2106. They might run off ethanol, but electric cars will never "take over." IC engines are efficient over a very wide range of rpms, and benefit from being able to use as miuch of the available fuel as possible, while electric cars suffer from the fact that the power is generated elsewhwere, no more efficiently than in a car engine, and then must be transmitted over lines a great distance, suffering losses just from the transmission. In addition, electricity isn't free or clean, much as some people like to forget.
  8. I think some of you guys are getting carried away:rlaugh:
    I dont know where this gas is going to be $5 a gallon for sure soon stuff is coming from but I dont think we will be getting raped that bad anytime soon....besides even if it does reach that far we are still going to be be paying for it we have no choice.
  9. Yeah, its "da liberuls" fault :rlaugh:
  10. Are you on crack?
    Hydroelectricity, Solar-power, Geo-thermal energy, Wind power.
    Boy all of those alternatives are pretty dirty. :shrug:
    And as far as efficiency...even if you lose 20% of the energy transmitted by a solar cell, since the energy if essentially free after you install the infrastructure, do you really notice the 20%? $0 * 0.2 = $0

    Maybe you were thinking about electricity generated by a coal burning power plant. :bang: :bang: :bang:
  11. "Mom's gonna fix it all soon. Mom's comin' round to put it back the way it ought to be."
  12. i dunno but something is defenately going on in certain areas of L.A gas hit $4.04 :(
  13. There is no oil shortage....there is a 300 mileX 50 mile strip in texas that is estimated to be able to supply the gas/oil to America for 100 years. Im waiting on that E85 or propane to take over so I can have some 100+++ octain :D. Hello 12-1 compression for the N/A GT, and 27#s of boost for the 66. heh :)
  14. It isnt an oil shortage that is causing the price hikes. It is a production shortage. We are still some 17% down on the refinaries after Hurricanes Rita and Katrina. We have the oil.. just having a hard time getting it refined. Greedy pockets dont help either. Just remeber that it isnt your local gas station owner reaping the rewards here, he probably makes 10-20 cents a gallon anyway.

    It sucks, but until the refineries are back on thier feet the prices will climb. Only bad thing is when was the last time you saw gas prices go back to normal after a steep increase, the price may drop after things settle down... but probably no more than 10-15 cents a gallon.:rolleyes:
  15. What most people don't realize is the fact that oil is not an "unrenewable" resource. The truth is that oil is a byproduct of everyday reactions and processes that take place inside this earth everday. Oil isn't something that takes millions of years to develop, and decaying matter (the dinos) arn't needed for it to be produced.

    Our only problem right now is that we've gotten over the easy part of extracting the oil. All the oil rich areas that were close to the surface and whatnot have been used up. Now we have to spend more time on technology and more time digging to get the oil out. That's the reason prices are going up. The idea that oil is simply going to run out is ludicrous.
  16. I read somewhere that we've only used 6-10% of the oil supply on the planet. All the rest of it is out in the depths of the oceans around the world.
  17. well if you guys are right which i hope you are, then we have nothing to fear except some high gas prices for a while. i hope they get things under control though and they drop a bit.
  18. thanks you guys made me feel better...project novi 2000 continues, so what if i get 10 miles to the gallon. at least i will be able to run it for years to come after i drop this kind of cash.
  19. I have worked on a bunch of republican campaigns and initiatives. But i sure as hell enjoyed my cars more during the Clinton years.

    Long live the liberal :)