How long did you lurk before posting???

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How long did you lurk before finally registering/posting?

  1. Wait? What the hell for? I gots somethin' ta say dammit!

  2. A month or so... It took me that long to compose my first post.

  3. 2 to 5 months. I had to make sure you people were legit...

  4. Ok, it was 6 months or more. The passage serves to enhance the enjoyment of the experience gained d

  1. I was curious as to how long folks lurked and visited before doing their first post, and what brought folks here?

    I know I'm not one to just go diving in... For example, I know I first visited in early 2000 sometime, returning only very occasionally (maybe 3 or 4 times) before I regularly started reading in mid 2001 (when we were finally taking the first real steps in starting my car's restoration). I finally registered while visiting family in Tampa for the holidays in December 2001. We were working on the car and I ran into something frustrating and posted my first thread. :nice:
  2. probably 2 - 5 months, not to see if people were legit but rather i didn't own my stang yet so i didn't really have any questions.
  3. I actually found the site after I had my car so i was bursting with questions from the start.
  4. The correct response to the poll question is not on the list of available options: Probably not long enough! :p

    I think I started lurking here about May/June of 2002; was aging out of the Jaycees and was looking for something to occupy my late-night, back-is-killing-me-can't-lie-horizontal time. Thought of "love" that's been with me since I first saw my oldest brother's then-new '67 Sprint 200 coupe. Went Google searching on "Mustang"; and you've been stuck with me since. :nonono:

    SN Classics Forum even was the subject of an article I wrote for the California Jaycees newsletter (they like "visiting firemen" from out of state); it was titled "Where is the Passion?" and discussed what I had been reading here (then still a "lurker") compared to what I was seeing in Jaycees nationwide. How Jaycees were starting to sound "tired" of the whole game (which can well be life-improving); while these folks had trials, tribulations, tears and ecstacy and formed long-lasting bonds "...over a CAR! Four wheels and a chrome horse on a fender!..." Covered the whole gamut from SD's timeless wisdoms, to the story of a girl barely older than my daughter's age (this was before I realized that the 16 in "t-chelle_16" was not referring to our Closet Keeper's age). Finally registered and became another old guy -just with nowhere near enough experience - hanging out on the Forum and making friendships. (Now I've just gotta get the car!!!!!!)

    Thanks for letting me hang around.

    Still Dreamin'
  5. I joined about a week after i got my car.
  6. I joined the first time I saw this place.

    Since then have joined other places also.

    I don't know if it was the biggest mistake for my pocket book or the best for my car?

    I at first was all into getting the fastback back to stock specs. It was comming along very cheaply as a matter of fact.

    Then........well lets just say 4 motors later and working on the 5th right now and countless other projects that I would have never been able to accomplish without websites like this fine one.

    I really don't know what I would be pre occupying my self with if I hadn't gotten all the info there is to get from here. It really urges you on to do it.
  7. Well, for me, I had already owned my first mustang by the time I joined. You see someone from this forum that I met on a trip to Europe told me about it after we had already exchanged stories about restoring our wonderful classics. He told me about his 67 coupe and I about my '69 coupe. When I returned back to the states I looked up the site and decided to join. For a while I just kinda lurked around reading stories and posts and other information just to see if I liked what went on behind the doors. Then, I didn't have access to the 'net for a while so when I finally got back on I had forgotten the website name. It took me a few months to remember it after long nights of searching the web. After that I just started posting regularly and now is now... by the way the person I credit for my joining is 'burnout289' his car is pretty neat from what I have heard and seen, mostly stock but there is a few mods.. from what I remember. Thanks, man! :nice:
  8. I only lurked for a couple weeks before I started posting. And what brought me here was I was looking for a good forum to post at, and I happened to come across Stangnet, so I decided to join.
  9. I was looking for an answer to a question and as soon as I found Stangnet on a Yahoo search I signed up and posted it.
  10. I waited for about a month or so to get to 'know the forum' and to see if I could contribute along with asking tons of questions. Part of my hesitation was also at the time i joined there was random thread hijackings and other stuff going on that everyone seemed to get into and that this was a close kint group, so I wasn't sure if i'd fit in initially. But now.. well you all know........ :D
  11. I signed up on my first visit, and have done more lurking than posting since then. I'm working on the lowest post per day total of active members.
  12. I posted right away, but not in the classics forum. At the time, we had the 00 and a 69 Falcon wagon. I had heard that Ford was discontinuing a green for 02, and wanted to know if anyone knew if it was Electric Green, so I posted in the v6 forum. I did post here occasionally before buying the mach, since there were no good forums for Falcons and we had some issues with the car. I also frequented the sound & shine forum, since keeping my vert beautiful borders on an obsession for me. Then we bought the 73, and I've visited almost everyday since!!
  13. I think I might have you beat.
  14. Joining Stangnet

    I joined the night I found this zoo!

    It took a little bit to get comfortable, then it became fun! Lot's of different personalities here, from our mentor SD, to the absolutely insane! :banana:

    First, I found this place a refuge from a miseable divorce I was going through at that time. Being an almost old timer (43), and being in the Mustang hobby since 1976, I found it a great distraction, and enjoyed lending advice to who I could. Since then, I have used these forums for questions of my own with the constant evolution of Chepie, and for gathering advice and information for the writing I do for the Mustang Magazines. Yes, there are other forums, but here is home, but I am only active here.

    By far and away, last summer, when we had some hilarious threads going about the closet, the gutter, and Lord knows what else is one of my favorite adventures here. Oboe even almost bought a Mustang I had rented and raced at California speedway! I've even been able to meet a few of you, and hope to meet more as time goes on.

    Hell, I didn't even know what a "lurker" was for the first few weeks!!! :lol: :rlaugh:

  15. I can't win anything! :bang:


    Chepsk8; I had been lurking SN for about a month or two when I dug an old magazine (Mustang Monthly? Mustang Illustrated? I forget) out from under the headboard of the marital bed; and re-read (for about the 80 billionth time) the "Cheapskate Chronicles" episode that covered Chepie's engine dressup kit and 3.55 pumpkin. You mentioned "polling" SN Classics for your choice of rear gears; and that made up my mind that I should join. The right combination of common sense and passion; perfect place for me to learn something new.

    So, you see, my being here is partially your fault! :lol:
    I'd feel much better about my sense of self-worth if you could hook me up with a few back issues of "The Chepskate Chronicles" at a moderate price. Autographed, of course :D

    Still Dreamin'

  17. i was working on my car at the time and got i went searching for somewhere that i could find some answers and found this place. i guess you could say i lurked for about 30 seconds. i'm a bit more of a lurker on several other forums though.
  18. To Stangdreamin,


    I got you here? Gawd!!!! :rlaugh:

    Actually, I think I've put a few here.

    For autographed back issues, I'll pull a "Shelby", and only charge you $50 per autograph, and put it towards my "new project" fund!!! :lol: :banana:

    Actually, always glad to help others, kinda one of my credo's. :D :nice:
  19. I don't really lurk, I just don't have a lot to say that hasn't been said already :p