How long do you plan on keeping your Classic?

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  1. It is funny,
    When I am shooting the breeze about my car, I hear a lot of people make comments like "do this and this and this.. so when you sell it..." Or "the next person that owns your car is gonna want to....."

    I am 28. I bought my 65 coupe on March 7th, and my current thinking is barring any disasters in my life, one day I will have a kid and maybe I will give it to him/her upon graduating college and by then, I will get a convertible version or something. I don't ever plan on getting rid of the car. I expect it to end up in my will or something when it is around 100 years old.

    Don't most people keep their classics indefinately, or do they just keep em for a few years, sell em and move on to the next hobby?

    What are y'alls plans?
  2. Nowdays I'm reluctant to answer difinitively.

    I thought I would keep my '65 coupe forever, but sold it after about 4 years. I thought I would keep my '89 forever, but its now for sale after about 4 years. I can only hope I'll keep my '68 longer than that.
  3. well i've had mine for 24 years if that tells you any thing about how long i am keeping :D
  4. I'm 28, I've had my fastback for 9 years, and I'm never selling. Time will tell if I ever decide to sell the 05, but so far I can't imagine getting rid of it either. :D
  5. I've had my 73 convertible 13 years now. The plan is to keep it until dead day and then it will belong to my family. With that said I have thought about selling it at times but I don't think I could ever part with it. It is my dream car and I know it is just a hunk of rusty metal, but without it there would be something missing from my life.
  6. They will pry my keys from my cold dead fingers.
  7. my parts dealer has had his 66 fastback for almost 30 years!!! im going on a year and a half.

    i think i will end up selling it but it will take more then what its worth cause it being me first car and totally being my baby. if i do sell. im gonna get a 69/70 fastback.

    or maybe keep the 65 and buy a rough 69 or 70 :). yea that sounds better
  8. I'm 26, had mine for 10 years and don't ever plan on getting ride of it.
  9. :stupid:
  10. I completed my candy red 67 convertible to original. My oldest daughter used the car leaving her wedding and I won so many trophies, I donated some of them back. I would never get rid of it.

    BUT, after 9 years I found a rust free 67 FB and in the process of making it into a restomod, I had to sell the conv to afford it.

    I guess "never say never" is a good way to go. Like family and friends, enjoy them while you have them. But, unlike family and friends, cars are just things and sometimes you gotta do whatcha gotta do.
  11. I bought mine in 1984 and I'm planning on a "Viking" Funeral........
    sally on top of a pyre built out of telephone poles, me in the driver's seat, soak the whole thing in 93 octane, add a match and.......................... :nice:
  12. i had my 65 fb, swore id never sell it, it was gone after a year cuz i didnt want college kids destroying it on campus.

    my current 67 coupe i swore id keep, now after just a lil over a year, my current goal is paint, then its sold.
  13. as my kids wheel me into the crematorium, they can have the keys. I'm just starting to restomod my 69 fastback, its' sat in my garage not running for seven years, wife and I talked about selling, she wanted to, I didn't. Then I bought her a new 05 GT, that was when we both decided it was time to finally do the build that it has needed for so long. Might change my mind when I'm over 70......nah.
  14. mine was my first car and i've had it since '84, i'm technically the 4th owneraccording to the title, but the lady i bought it from was the sister of the original owner and it was in my dad's name until i graduated from high school.
  15. Another reason I ask, is that I was recently at a car show, and I saw the coolest thing that made me smile.

    It was a 67 with two photos
    The first was a photo taken in 67 of a couple and their brand new car 67 mustang. The second was taken this year of the same couple, much greyer now. They were there at the show and there was a letter on the car saying. We bought this car brand new in 67 and we have used it as a daily driver 38 years and I still use it to tow my boat to the lake to fish every weekend.

    I would love to one day be old and grey and have the same car. Of course, it already has 200,000 miles on it put there by previous owners. I think I can put another 200,000 in the next 40 years :)
  16. Gee let me see, 62 Valiant, 65 Mustang coupe, 55 bowtie 2 door post, 71 Pinto (yes I love those things), bunch of pickups, 2 Crapmaros, one Firechicken, bunches of econoboxes, a full size Blazer, Pathfinder, 2 baja bugs, Taurus wagon.......I think I'll keep my current 67 and just sell it to my son for a buck when I can no longer row the 4 speed, BUT, if a nice rad rod 32 roadster comes my way, sorry son, you're on your own.
  17. I don't plan to see 30, so maybe I'll do the same.
  18. Where have I heard that before? :scratch:

    Oh yeah, that was me 20+ years ago.
    30 was 13-1/2 years ago. I'm still around, being a PITA. :D
  19. So, YOU'RE the reason I can't sit down, and here I thought I might need hemorrhoid cream!;)
    Ya.....I said the same thing to, except it was 25 and that was 19 years ago......I'm still wondering about 50 tho'......................... :shrug: 6 years to go.........
  20. I've got just under eight and half to go