How long do you plan on keeping your Classic?

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  1. until I am done restoring it.

    so, forevor basically. :D
  2. I can never get rid of it because I'll never get back all the money I've put in and will put into it. But I sure will get alot of enjoyment from driving it.
  3. This september would make it 6 years I have my 67 coupe. It has been a daily driver that long. Next week ends that era. No, I am not selling the stang. But I pickiing up a daily driver. I spent a fortune on my mustang engine, and I seem to be just putting endless miles on it. The Focus will now take that abuse.
  4. I traded in 7 girlfriends already that wanted me to sell my 65 & 66 and buy a house, I will trade in another 7 before they go. Might marry if I find a " Mustang Sally " that loves them as much as I do.
  5. I'm yet to meet a woman that I'd trade a baseball glove for, much less my cars.
  6. explains the palms.
  7. Let's see...a woman who I have to pour exorbant amounts of money into and get enjoyment from whenever she wants...or a car that I choose to pour exorbant amounts of money and get enjoyment from whenever I want. Tough decision.
  8. skywalker said;I traded in 7 girlfriends already that wanted me to sell my 65 & 66 and buy a house, I will trade in another 7 before they go. Might marry if I find a " Mustang Sally " that loves them as much as I do.

    Sorry about the bad quote, new at trying to do that and I obviously failed.

    I actually married my mustang, it was hers when we met, although her name is Kathy. She bought it in '82 with only 60,000 on it, took me six months to talk her out of a set of keys. Now I tease her that if she divorces me, she'll have to choose which mustang she wants to lose. Washington is a fifty/fifty state. 69 or 05, either way I win. :D

  9. It's all in the balancing act "Skywalker San". :D Even my ex-wife (bless her soul) put up with my car hobby. My current GF also understands this addiction, but then again, I do go sailing and other water sports that she likes to do too, so yes, it's give and take.
  10. Never going to sell.... I will update the drivetrain as needed...
  11. Well it was a nice day today and took her out for a spin to town. :banana:

    While getting gas, a new 05 Gt pulled in behind.

    The group checking out the 35 year old tells me to keep mine. :D

  12. i figure i will be buried with my mustang :D my niece can have the falcon though.
  13. Ill do you one even better, I will be cremated then my ashes will be mixed in with the basecoat, and painted on my car it will then be locked in a giant underground vault surrounded by lava and dragons. :D
  14. Actually, in my current will, my cars go to my little brother...
  15. lava men to?
  16. 20 years, moved it from NE to MA, then to MD.
    I won't go into what almost happened to it in northern Jersey on its trip to MD.
  17. I've had my car for 11 years. I can't see selling it. I've put a lot of time and money into it. My family keeps asking if I'm going to pass it on to my son. I tell them it'll be a cold day in hell...........
  18. my girlfriend has a 66 coupe and a 2000GT...
    we did the granada swap together on her mustang and she rebuilt her own 4 barrel carb, and did the intake swap by her self....

    she's a cutie too...SHE'S A KEEPER! :rlaugh:
  19. Last saturday, while stranded at the side of a desolate farm road, shoveling ditchwater into the rad with two tiny beverage bottles, pooring powdered aluminum down the spout, and wiping the steamy coolant out of the distributor (which had cut out due to the blown rad spraying on it, only to re-ignite 100yds later splitting one of my new mufflers), I leaned out from behind the hood and yelled to my 2 1/2 yr old in the car seat, "You better be learning something Son, one day this will all be yours!"
  20. when i bought my '71 in '80 i said i would keep that one forever. after spending 3 years working on the car things in my life changed and the car had to go. i've had the '73 for 2 years now and i've pretty much done the same mods to it that i did to the '71. now i'm only going to commit for another 10.