How long do you plan on keeping your Classic?

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  1. Had my 87 LX notch for 18 years and my 65 K coupe for 9 years - They are both more than cars, they are my "therapy" for dealing with the up's and down's of daily life and in the long run are much cheaper (and much more fun and effective) than any local psychiatrist. A night in the garage, good tunes on the stereo, cold beer in the fridge and working on my cars is my definition of quality time. Obviously there are no plans for either one to go anywhere in the forseeable future
  2. I'm 28 and I've had mine for 11 years. Some people avenge their fathers death "Hello, I'm Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die!". I'm avenging my father's loss. He sold his after my birth at the pressure of my great-grandmother. On his death bed (ok so he's still around, but I think his allergies might have been bothering him that day), he said "Hey, you oughta keep that thing, wish I had." Don't worry father, I shall regain your honor and keep my mustang! :D

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  4. I used to think I'd sell my car to the first idiot willing to pay me more than it's worth. But then I think back to my '65 fastback. The first time I saw the car after the next owner had painted it and did all the things I wanted to do, I was absolutley sick. I couldn't beleive that it used to be mine, and I sold it. By then, the money was long gone so I had neither the car nor the money. I will not make that mistake again.
  5. I love my car. It is my single most prized possesion. I care more about my car than almost (keyword almost) anything else in my life. It is better than any relationship I've ever had (romantic or platonic.) It's therapeutic. It listens to me, and shows me love when I need it. It challenges me, and it brings out the creativity in me. It would break my heart to much to sell it.
  6. I have enjoyed reading everyone's posts here. now my thoughts.

    I have had my 72 for almost 2 years, my 02 GT for about 4 months. Like someone else said my 72 is like therapy, I have currently have 4 kids and one on the way, when I need some me time I can just go out to the garage and work on her. I don't have all the money I would like to put into her, but I am able to get things done a little at a time. But at this rate, she'll probably be finished in time for me to retire in about 30 years. I have no plans to sell but if someone offered the right amount I'd have to think about it.

    My oldest boy currently 11 and a half will probably get my 02 for his first car. I also have my eye on a 65-66 coupe that is sitting in a yard not to far from where we live. It is outside but under a roof, it's been sitting in that spot for at least 4 years that I know of. If I can scrape together some cash I might make the owner an offer and start fixing it up for my oldest daughter.

    So to answer the question I plan on keeping the 72 forever or until the next sucker comes along. Heck it's the same year as I am, so were the same age. The 02 needs to get me back and forth to work for 4 more years, then maybe I'll get one of those new Shelby GT500s :D .
  7. I bought mine from my brother in '84 for $400. (This was after offering to restore her for him two or three times!). When I finished the first resto and got her on the road he felt as you do.....since then he's come to realize that I am taking better care of her than he ever did, or would have done! He's still kicking himself tho':D
  8. There's a lot of truth in that statement. I mean, if I really liked the car that much, why didn't I fix it like the guy I sold it to did? I made the same mistake a lot of guys here have made, and that's take the ownership of a decent Mustang for granted. I didn't realize how lucky I was to own a straight, rust-free fastback. I'd had a lot of mechanical problems because I thought I needed the biggest cam, the lowest gears, the most compression, etc. You know, just like a lot of guys here are making. I forgot that driving your Mustang whenever you feel like it is a huge bonus, and working on it every waking minute just to keep a thumper motor running gets old very quickly. I was young and didn't fully understand that I was the problem, not the car. This time, things will be different. I'm planning a very mild motor, conservative tire sizes and freeway gears. Don't get me wrong, it won't an old ladies car, nor will it ever be mistaken for stock, but it will be capable of long distance road trips, preferably through a set of twisties!
  9. I go through love and hate with mine.

    when I need a fix I get out and take it for a drive
    I drove it up to beverly hills to see the Ferrari's on rodeo dr.
    It runs hot,it's loud...when I turn it on I like how loud it is,I like the rumble, I got on it at about 20 mph in first and lit up the rears!
    jumped on it on the freeway and brought it up to 110
    it sure takes longer to ssssstooop! than it should
    damn it
    By the time I pulled into Rodeo drive to park-not to show it was running hot from not enough airflow 1 of the 2 fans wasn't pulling
    I stink of gas--- I'm tired of it-- a new Corvette would be as fun to drive A/c works Seats would feel fine
    radio/cd player would work
    yup I need to learn how to take digi photos and get it onto EBAY

    I've owned it for 12 yrs and It's the only thing that I own from my last life
    before I met my new wife
    just the car and my two sons
    my dog that got me through tuff times
    will I miss my stang? yup. will I get something that will replace it yup
  10. I started redoing the bodywork on mine 3 years ago, I have almost sold it twice since, but I am going to stick with it and keep it. This picture is the day I started on it 3 years ago, detailed it one last time before I started.


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  11. I cant see us getting rid of either stang (the 00 or the 73). I know this because I got to thinking how some people put so much into modding their cars, then decide it still isnt enough and sell it for something even "better". I was really contemplating this about the 00 while at a show yesterday. I get razzed about my car sometimes, being that it's not only stock (*gasp*), but its....get ready....a V6 *shock*. Why would I leave it stock, or not trade "up" to a v8 after 4 years...hum. So, while I was laying under it, cleaning my floorpans (darn water spots, they get everywhere)-I came to the realization that I wouldnt trade it for anything. Nope, not for a BOSS 302, not for an 03 Mach....(I'd take one of those in a heartbeat, as long as I get to keep mine though :D ) She strenthened that thought by taking first in her class-Mustangs, all years. Maybe she aint all blingbling, or as fast as a GT, but she's all mine. Same goes for Eleanor (the 73). She's not perfect (ok, no where near perfect!), but I cant see trading/selling her for another car.
  12. Don't feel bad, I get the same reaction re: my lil ol' I6, especially when people here that I'm upgrading the stock suspension and steering to the V8 specs.....they still can't believe I'm going to keep my I6 under the hood! :nice:
  13. had my 70, sold it after a couple years, didnt know what i was buying and got something i didnt really want so i sold it, no regrets im happy I did, Ill get another one when the time is right.

  14. Well I'm 35 and I've had mine for about 20 years. I have sunk a fortune in it over the years and now I am doing it again. I could never even get close at getting my money back. So as long as I never sell it, I'll never lose a dime.
  15. yes i plan on keep my first 68 forever..since i went to the hassle of sending it overseas..alot of hassle..some time i think the car owns me