How Long Have You Guy's Coil, Module, And Distributor Last?

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  1. Mainly you guy's stock stuff. I guess there would be some of you guys out there that still are running the stock stuff or put them back on when the other stuff acted up or failed.

    Found out today that my MSD ignition coil which was sent to me 1 1/2 yrs and 8k miles ago went bad. I'm willing to be it was the culprit of my issues over the past X amount of time since I had it on the car. They sent it to me cause the other coil has started to leak some brown gel stuff out of it. Last night after i stopped and went to start the car back, it wouldnt start but would crank over. I let it cool off for bout 15 mins and it cranked good and didnt start. Did it again and it didnt wana start but as soon as I heard it try to catch I gave it a little gas and it caught.

    This morning same thing went to crank and it crank and crank and didnt wana start so i gave it some gas when i heard it try to catch. On the way home of a 2 hr drive it would stumble in 5th gear going 65 going up hills and still did it some in 4th gear going bout 45-50. At one point i had to drivein 2nd gear going about 20 for 20 minutes. Car would stumble and buck and jerk. For bout 20 minutes it did that then it smoothed out and for bout 20 miles drove normal. Stopped at a red light and car cut off and wouldnt start back. Pushed it into gas station lot and played with for an hr and wouldnt crank. Tried a new module from parts store and still same thing. I wouldnt have thought the coil was on the way out but good thing i had another in the trunk. It was an older MSD coil, one of the first ones I bought. Car fired right up. I took that off yrs and yrs ago because it appeared the tip had started to chafe some, losing its full tip.

    So I wanted to create a thread and might still do on how long guys ignition module has lasted and if still going. My car has about 182 k and still stock module. Stock coil i ended up putting back on today after hearing about MSD troubles so basically my dizzy, coil, and module are all stock and still rolling. I always keep another coil in the trunk and I might just need to go ahead and keep a module in there as well, and maybe a dizzy from junkyard just in case I get stranded and wana trial and error.
  2. MSD sold out to a China Company many years ago if I remember correctly. There were lots of MSD distributor bad threads in those days. The stock distributor is still going strong, I have back up in my garage. I got an early MSD coil that's still going 10 years ago. Put the stock stuff back and you'll be fine forever.
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  3. stocker is more than adequate
  4. Way back (2002-03) I switched to a MSD coil, just because. Still have the original in the garage. The PIP failed at about 70k miles and was replaced with the Ford part. Replaced the TFI at the same time. Have the original in the garage as well. Since I'm now boosted I'm using a MSD6AL with the MSD coil.
  5. thanks guys, sorry getting back to reply so late.........Now I have another thread up about flushing radiator and block ;)