How long till 150shot blows the 2.3?

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  1. My 2.3L is old and tired, and I have another mustang with a 351w in it wich I paid next to nothing for. I cant justify just pulling a running 2.3L out of my car, so Im getting my buddy to lend me his 150 shot while he's building a stroker. Im going to have a lot of fun with the nO2, just wondering if it will last a whole bottle? (its a NOS kit)
  2. if its a wetkit, properly used (as in step up the shot in incruments) should last for awhile...with a WOT switch. if its dry without fuel pump upgrades....i wouldnt think very long, if any at all.
  3. its a couple years old. There are no fuel or airflow upgrades. I still have the air silencer on. I think its a plain and simple kit....push the button for a 150hp boost. As long as it lasts at least a couple hours ill be happy...should be fun.
  4. You won't blow it.
  5. you want to retard the timing signifcantly.... I would start with 2-4* of base timing, and don't spray below 3500rpm unless you want to permantly end the fun. And of course premium is mandatory with race gas being more fun.
    It will hold up fine if you don't detonate, but that will be difficult going strieght to a 150 shot without stepping up from 75-100-125. Start over rich with to much timing pulled out... it will lengthen your fun.
    and DEFINATLY, let us know how it goes. These engines are damn tough, but like any engine if you detonate you are dead. Now go ask the 5.0 boys how a bone stock worn out 5.0 would like the 150 shot. It may last longer, but it also has twice as many cylinders to distribute N20 to, and has more than twice the displacement.
  6. ya some crack head said he could run 200hp shot of nitrous all day long on any 5.0, i find that hard to believe concidering that doubles the hp....and they are running the same fuel pump as us.
  7. the pre 91 5.0s were forged and weren't that high compression. however yeah you have to put the fuel to it too.
    A magazine tried it and they sprayed a forged 2.3 until a plug melted.
    If you kill a 2.3 at least gain info from it. spray it right and give everybody the info.
    good luck.
  8. its a wet kit, I found that out tonite. I forsurely will let you all know how it goes within a months time.
    My buddy who Im borrowing the kit from did the same with his car...killed the dodge I6 before putting his small block in. It was a carbed car and he said he put the nO2 jet at a 45 degree angle, and an additional gasoline line at an apposing 45 degree angle, so the nitrous and the gasoline met eachother and I guess it works better that way. I'll let you know how I go about pluggin in the wet kit...if anyone has suggestions feel free to post.
  9. Sounds good
    so um......just out of curiousity what did the dodge I6 take?
  10. It had about 270,000 kms on it, auto. He was driving on it for about 3 weeks at all 150. One night when he was pulling out of a parking lot with the spray on, I guess he didnt let off soon enough and blew his head gasket.

    edit: There is no WOT switch, that would be killer since the pedals always to the metal in the ol' n/a 2.3.
  11. Lol take a video if you do it i want 2 see...
  12. how would I get vhs footage onto a computer?
  13. Heres a pic of the car. Still puttin it all together, only have the window trim left to put on then I have to put the rest of the interior together and fix some electrical that I managed to screw up while I had the car gutted. Anyways heres a pic, theres 4 more better pics here
  14. Yeah Im that crack head....and for one i said 200hp on the stock bottem end of a 5.0 and two if you can't figure it out yourself check out red cobra 10125 on corral he runs a 250 shot on his stock short block. Id say [email protected] is not bad for a stock bottem end. Next time do a little research before you go blabbing on uninformed.

  15. think of crack head as a term of endearment ;) a red cobra that a cobra? lol do u make a vendetta against anyone who refers to you as anything but tealterror? not to sound biased here, but going by the name "cobra" and running a 250 shot of nitrous, shouldnt he be lower than 9's? joe morgan is pushing 9's in a 2.3 focus, with halft the cylinders and half the nitrous? kudos to his bottom end, what did he do with the way a stock pump could feed that...he'd go lean and spit his rods out his tail pipe! If u read my post i still think im pretty right, u just cant slap a 200hp shot of nitrous to a complete bone stock 5.0 and think its going to last. Sorry about the crack head remark, wasnt ment to mean or offensive :)

    keep it real
  16. well if you would actually read what i wrote you would see i never said anything about an all stock 5.0, but since you have trouble reading let me quote it for you "As far as a bottom end of a 5.0 goes...guys have consistantly run 200hp shots of nitrous year after year with no problems" :owned:
    As for my name i really dont care what you refer to me as.
    As for the guy running 9's no I'd say they are about equal....considering joe runs a turbo and nitrous. And no you can't just slap a shot of nitrous on any car, you go ahead and "slap" a nitrous kit on without changing the timing and plugs and let me know what happens. As always Woodie's keepin' real...real dumb.
  17. lol my gosh, some people need a life....teal, get a grip this is a message board. Stop your postwhoring ways, if you dont have anything worth adding to the 2.3forum (do u even own a 2.3????) why are you here? If it helps you sleep at night, i can post bogus 5.0 facts as twisted as i want, no one here is taking down 5.0 info.....its cuz its the 2.3 forum. ( are you seeing the trend here yet, maybe i should slow down for you? ). If u feel smart becuase you know u hafta change the plugs and droping the timming, and up the fuel pressure for nitrous, well then go show yourself off in the power adders (this 2.3 forum is not the power adderrs....see the parallel yet?). I'm sure you know some stuff about cars, i dont think your dumb, and havent called u so. I just dont see how your small block (stroker if im remembering right) has anything too add to a 2.3ohc forum? maybe you can fill me in on that one. I'm not saying your not welcome here, just dont come here looking to make imature remarks trying to start another jr. high "ya keeping it real dumb" war, please, grow up.

    keep it real (keep it on cars, my gosh)
  18. Im a post whore??????? I've been here since 1998 and have how many posts??? You have been here since july and have almost the same amount. And since you have a bad memeory let me explain it for you......never have i once said anything about my personal no i do not nor have ever had a stroker (wtf?). I dont own a 2.3 now, but I did and even had one of your precious 2.3t motors for it. I could keep contradicting you all day but its a waste of space. I dont care if you talk trash about me but please at least know a little about what your saying so you can look halfway educated. So now lets try this............Hi, my name is Woodie and i was wrong. A Stock 5.0 bottom end CAN handle a 200 shot of nitrous with no ill effects. Next time Ill do some research before i go posting out of my a$$.
  19. so i take that as a no.....