How long till 150shot blows the 2.3?

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by muh'stang, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. umm, you might wana clairify that just a little bit.

    A stock 5.0 bottom end:
    It definetly has to have forged pistons. Remember, some came with cast or hypers.

    What compression ratio are you talking about also? 9:1 factory?
    Pump gas? Race gas?

    I don't think it'd last too long personally.
  2. stock compression. not sure on what type of gas....but you also have to clarify "pump" gas (theres a station here that sells "race" gas at the pump ;) )
    As far as the guy has a 200 shot on his 160k stock short block with hyperuetectic pistons....hypers dont resist detonation well which if that happens with a 200 shot your screwed anyway.

    edit: theres also one guy with 220k on his stock block that runs a 250 shot he's made 15 passes with it blowing a head gasket on the 3rd pass.

    Im not saying i condone this or vouch for these peoples stories, hell i would never put a 250 shot on my engine. But i have read numerous things on the internet with many many guys running 150-200 shots reliably. With nitrous its all in the tune. I used to have i link to a really great page on nitrous but i cant for the life of me remember it. He used to post on stangnet but i havnt seen him in a while...but he and many others say that if your running anything less than a 150 shot on a 5.0 your wasting nitrous :rlaugh: When i boght my compucar kit i talked to several local guys as well, on both sides of the fence (chevy and ford) and came to the conclusion that its safe and reliable with the proper tune and as long as you dont get greedy.
  3. quit whoring posts in my thread. I asked for ideas for installation of the wet kit onto my engine.
  4. from experiance, the 150 wont hurt it too bad if its wet.....even on stock ignition, just DONT hit it under 3k......or else youll get the same surprise i comes in the form of black smoke and tiny bits of your piston shooting through the exhaust......but it is fun to have that push button you have an auto or 5spd?
  5. 5 speed, so if i dont blow it by the end of the day ill hit it at 1500 rpm and see how many gears I can make it through lol
  6. Why would you risk a car fire?

    Just inhale it. It's a lota more funner that way. :drool:
  7. I have extinguishers.
    :nonono: no flying while driving :p
  8. Wow!, I leave you children alone for a few hours and come back to find mud all over the place. :nonono: Muh'stang, do you have a backup for the factory fuel pump? I'm picturing it as the downfall of the exercize. You should be able to get the pistons to frag with one bottle, if you use it responsibly :rlaugh: you may even get through the second bottle. By "fire extinguisher" I hope you don't mean a 2# kidde. :notnice: good luck and think about carrying a 15# around on this mission :nice: