How long till we get msrp? (estimate)

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  1. i was just looking for an educated guess on how long untill these cars will come down to msrp or about 2-4K over?
    when will they hit market? and how long after untill we can get these cars for whatever they are supposed to cost?

    someone told me 2 years from now... and i hope not. but if so i think i will wait.

    il be stationed on base and i have a jeep wrangler so i can wait and wait. but id like to know how long im going to wait for haha.

    i will buy this car because its been my dream car since childhood.
  2. I don't think there is anyway to guess at that. No one would have guessed that the car would have sold at B-J's for 600 thousand. It will really just depend on how many big money people go for the car and how long they do it.
  3. well ya i understand that. ive heard it will take a few months and ive heard it will take 2 years.

    im just looking for opinions
  4. Two things to watch out for, this may only be a two year run, no committment beyond that, also what do the final build numbers look like? If its 7,000 a year and demand remains hot I dont see this being a very obtainable car in either model year for MSRP.
  5. anyone else heard about this 2 year run stuff?

    my guess is if there making that much off of them that they would continue to sell... then again its my guess

    any other opinions?

  6. I'm figuring that the GT-500 will have about a 2-1/2 year run.

    Figure it this way

    - The GT-500 starts production in June 06 (as a 2007 Model)
    - The rumor is that the Mustang will get face lift for 2009
    - The 09 Mustang will be late, Ford is always late with new models.
    - GT 500 (and all other 2008 MY Mustangs) production have a long production year that finally ends in November 08
    - The updated 09 Mustang finally starts production in December 09.
    - GT-500 replacement comes out in 2010
  7. man that really hurts... i think ford made alot of money with this retro design and i hope the 09+mustang would be similar.
    my guess is they are going to try to make it even more retro because if not then they might not get the same response that the 05 did.

    i think either way that i want to get a gt500 coupe.

    with this raise in price from demand does the dealership still allow people to order from the factory? and what would the price be like? i dont mind waiting if thats what it means... no matter how long the wait might be.

    but lets say msrp on what i order is 38-40K what would happen?
    would they say we need 10K more. or could they offer the car to someone else for more money?
    how would that work?

    p.s. this will be my first time buying a new car so im still real curious on how things are going to play out.
  8. My educated guess, based on past experiences with Cobras, the pent up demand for the car, and the projected 10,000 plus production runs, slated over 2 seperate years...

    I would say you will be getting these for MSRP at the end of of the first year of production.. If you wait until the second year of production, you will most likely be getting decent discounts off of MSRP. :flag:

    Dont listen to the dealers, they are full of it.
  9. yay. something i want to hear. finially
    when is the end of the first year of production?
  10. With all the problems Ford has, I would think that when they said they would make as many of them as demand would call for, they would follow through. Why in these times when Ford is closing 7-9 assymbly plants do to being over capcity in its production ability compared to demand they would limit anything, just does not make since to me. I would think they would retool at least a couple of those plants to make cars people are demanding. Like the Mustangs and the hybrid SUV's, and Superduty trucks.
  11. I agree, the last of the 04 Terminator Cobras sold with huge discounts. Same with Mach 1s. The first were sold at up to $5K over MSRP while the last of them sold at invoice less $2K rebates.
  12. My guess - Never. I have a strong feeling with the production numbers they are talking about, along with Mr. Shelby and his age, this is going to be one hot commodity. Given not every dealership will have one, some dealerships will have 2 - 4, and a few will have 4 - 6 that is not very many to be purchased. Also, with lists as deep as 35 at each dealership - not going to last. I think if you get one within 10K of MSRP, you are darn lucky.
  13. I am going to try and remain optomistic, since ford has not released any numbers yet, that they will build as many as people want like they said in the beginning. They need the money so I hope they do the right thing. Besides I for some reason doubt the rights to shelby's name will pass with him, I bet his decendents will want to continue his legacy if for no other reason than the mighty dollar.
  14. It is very likely that the market premium could be brutal for a while. The Shelby name on a Ford product is iconic. Just look at the latest Barrett-Jackson numbers for a 68 Shelby convert, they are getting crazy! To get an 07 at any sort of a decent price in calendar year 2006 you are going to have to have connections, pure and simple. Dealers are in the business to make money and in most cases they are going to sell to the highest bidder. The GT sold for 265K when they first came out with a list of only around 150K. Just think how many people will be after a car that sell for less than 50?

    My 68 Shelby is headed to a large Ford dealer where it will be displayed on the sales floor till June so that the dealer can promote Mustang sales. In exchange, I will get a decent deal on Shelby number 1. Lets face it, dealers will want to keep the first few to hit their dealership around for a while, just to build traffic in the show room.

    Ebay will be a good source for inventory but prices will be steep for a while.
    One way or another, I think the numbers will settle out at 25K premium early on (first 90 days) and 15-20k premium for the next 6 months. People pay huge money for sporty cars with big engines, check out BMW and Mercedes prices, there is lots of money out there for premium sports cars.
  15. You must remember--Shelby did not build this car!! They are using HIS name!! Too many built to be EXCLUSIVE!!! This car will not hold it's VALUE!!! Buy a SHELBY CS6....That will be worth SOMETHING in years ahead!!!!
  16. i hope you are taking into account the old bodystyle was coming to a close and everybody knew the new stang was coming....that made a huge difference on the demand...current stangs have no incentives unless they are leftover 05's(the ones nobody wants)
  17. I have to dissagree with you. It had absolutly nothing to do with with the new body style. It had much more to do with the fact that the demand just had diminished, and let's not forget, the cat was out of the bag on the GT500 midyear of the last run.

    Sorry, but most Cobra people are not going to pass on buying the '04 Cobra for a '05 GT, new body style or not. Right or wrong, most still would rather have a 4V, then a 3V.
  18. 1. Not true there has been up to $3,000 of dealer cash on 06 Mustangs. Ford is using dealer cash instead of rebates because Ford is trying to keep the illusion going that there is a shortage of 05 / 06 Mustangs.

    2. Thank you for making my point for me.
    If won't be many more months until there are plenty of leftover 06 Mustangs, which no one will want.
  19. Where have you seen $3,000 in dealer cash? The highest amount in dealer cash was $1,000 in December to help in the leadership race with Chevy, which Ford won on the retail side, but Chevy had more fleet sales for a total sales volume over Ford. "More Americans choose Chevy?" Yeah maybe more American businesses and police departments, but for the average buyer, more Americans chose Ford. You do drive a good point, Ford is trying to keep off the incentives and sell the product, because in the end, that affects resale value, one thing that customers and former customers are harking on, poor resale value. You want $10K off your pony? Fine, then don't **** when in a few years you get dick on your trade or when you try to sell.

    The two year run is the way things are looking right now. 10,000 a year was the last production number I heard, up from the number of 7,200 that was announced in the summer. No solid word on MSRP. In fact my contacts in SVT are gone or busy with work and giving me the runaroudn, things are not looking good over there, and with dealers pounding on the door wanting to now what's going on with new SVT certification and allocation, it's coming down to the wire and I'm getting nervous.

    Sadly, yes there is going to be a huge premium on these ponies. I used my connections to get my Mustang and my Fusion below even A-plan pricing and no one is willing to give me even MSRP on a Shelby. I had one very small dealer that has seen maybe five MGTS this whole time consider an offer of taking my 05 GT to sell as a used unit, in exchange for an 07 Shelby at MSRP, but now that's obviously not going to happen. One dealer even said "I won't be that greedy, I'll only ask for five (grand) over sticker." My response, "the entire marketing strategy for this vehicle is AFFORDABLE PERFORMANCE, please don't make that hard work all for nothing and burn our most loyal of customers, the enthusiasts," and hung up. I think I've said this before, let he who is with deep pockets make the first deal, the rest of us can wait for MSRP.
  20. Dyoct, if they do indeed build 10,000 copies a yer for two years, I bet you will see MSRP sooner then quicker. Take my word on it, there aren't that many people who will be buying these cars who have to have one at any price. It may be a limited edition, but there will not be limited availability by the time everything is all said and done. 20,000 copies is quite a bit for a specialty car.

    Lets not forget there might be some other cars debuting not too long after the GT500.

    Let the hubub die down and you'll get your car at MSRP.