How long will the new rerto Stang last???

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  1. I think Ford did a great job with the new Mustang, powertrains, options, an styling all look pretty good.

    But like all other retro cars that have come out in the past few years, after a few years on the market sales drop big time. Just look at the Thunderbird.

    Do you guys think the retro look will end up hurting sales in a few years? Maybe Ford has plans for a more modern reskin around 2009 to stop this from happening?
  2. i think this stang will continue the pattern it has taken since day 1 EXCEPT
    i think it will attract more of an older audience, not that the car is super stylish and looks more like something someone would drive once their life is established, if that makes any sense
  3. I think a big reason the thunderbird sales droped was because it was underpowered. The new GT is 300hp with 315tq. big insentive
  4. I wouldn't consider this to be just another retro car. I think what ford did was just bring back the specific things that made this a mustang to begin with. Even though it may be hard for us to fathom how this car can ever be redesigned again and it will be in possibly 10 years and will continue to build from this new design. I honestly love the new look and I'm happy Ford took the initiative to take on such a risky task as this.

    In the long run this will truely prove how american this car is by taking chances on a dream and turning it into reality.

  5. As usual, this new style will be around for 5 years then undergo a minor visual change for another few years. We will eventually see a hoodscoop on some version of the stang, but nobody knows where or when (probably on a Cobra or another special model). No matter how the public reacts to the new stang, once the Cobra comes out all unrest will be resolved due to the massive performance difference we "should" expect (i.e. the Cobra, though always late, sets the tone for the lineup). In a couple years, there will probably be a few more interesting changes/options to the stang that will keep it moving in a positive direction. Hopefully, the aftermarket will embrace the new stang quickly and offer some serious products within 12-18 months (remember, it took a while for the 4.6 mods to be offered by the aftermarket).

    I'm sure pricing won't come out for a while (if it has, please post those estimates), but if I can get a completely loaded GT coupe for around $26K - $28K I'm probably going to bite.

    I've got a 1994 GT that I love, but so many of the upgrades I can afford on my car already exist on this one. Plus, I'll be ending a lease on my RSX (wife's daily driver) at about the same time the 2005 stang goes on sale. If the lease rates are good, I'm finally going to lease my Stangs so that I can get a new one every three years. I like to 5.0 GT, but the rest of the car I like a little less and it is getting older and more worn. Tough choice, cause my 5.0 was paid off a couple years ago.

    There will be others in my circumstance that will face the same choices. It just depends on how quickly the new looks catch on with those who are unsure about the new photos. This car will do much better than the Thunderbird, because it provides most everything that car lacked minus the name: powerful V8, good suspension, great tranny's, seating for four, and a bargain price.

    All in all, the new stang is so different from my stang, that I may look forward to having one of the first new stangs in my area for a short while. :D
  6. The T-bird flopped because it was underpowered, overpriced, and has sloppy ride and handling. NOT because it was retro styled. This mustang will succeed like no other Mustang in recent years. It has styling that can reach a broad range of deemographics as well as a modern chassis and a superb engine, all for a similar price to the SN95. It's superior to the old mustang in every way (styling is subjective), how could it NOT succeed?
  7. The T-Bird is not a good comparison because:

    1. The market for 2 seat cars is very limited.

    2. The whole car turned out to be below expectations because the original D/EW-98 unibody flexes too much with its top removed so they had to add a ton of bracing to try to strengthen it and its still not as stiff as it should be. How many of you know that the T-Bird weights more than a Lincoln LS?

    3, Its $10K more expensive than a Mustang which further limits sales.

    4. When it first came out many of the dealers just plain killed sales by trying to gouge customers with $5K to $10K markups.

    5. As someone said, the original engine was underpowered. This was fixed for 2003, but the original reputation lives on.

    6. MTX is not availble.

    7. When the T-Bird went on sale the US economy was headed into a big recession.

    8. The market for convertable cars is just plain limited.
  8. 9. It was a truely ugly car. :D
  9. Those are good arguments for the T-bird, but what about the PT and new Beetle, those sales have been dropping a lot lately, they are trying to recover by offering convertibles and turbos to get new customer. Retro styling is a dead end street, looks good at first, but then as people get bored with it, it has no where to evolve.
  10. The Mustang is a timeless design like the Porsche 911. It's not retro, it's a proven formula.
  11. I think that the new mustang will last a long time. It looks a lot better than the concept and has a powerfull engine for the price. The PT and the new Beetle were just ugly cars. they were "cute" cars. The mustang is a lot different and I think it will last. :nice:
  12. The bug has always been gimmicky. I mean seriously think about how many of the old style Beetles were sold a year not many I promise you. The PT Cruiser still looks good it just has turned into an old person's car because it's so pricey for what it is. And also the power doesn't match the styling. The new Stang has all of the following going for it. It's got the power to match the styling. It's likely to change in looks significantly in 4-5 years. It's likely the power will slowly increase as it goes along thusly giving more people a reason to buy a "retro" look car. Then this also has a superior nameplate. The Mustang has always sold well. A Mustang backed up by substance in superior performance and interior and hopefully build quality will keep the sales on this sucker at least to the level of the current Stang if not surpassing it.
  13. Agreed, and overpriced. Everybody loved the concept in 2003. If you look at both cars almost similar but with changes for economy,price, regulations. This car is virtually all new. Some people complain about the current interior. This car could've changed the quality in it. Some people say its to bland. People, there's an aftermarket like everybody buys parts for their cars now. Styling is subjective to taste. I personally like it. You will not be confused with most cars on the street except the classic Stang. Will it last probably.
  14. Those dropped off because there are only so many chicks and gay guys that would buy them
  15. I think the T-Bird looks sweet as hell. But I don't want to buy it because of the damn 40K price tag. :mad:
  16. :stupid: :stupid: :worship:

    The '05 Mustang is excellent in every way, IMO. chassis, new engine, new interior, more refinement, better engineering.. I have no doubt it'll be a big seller. I hope that Ford continues to make the Mustang for a very long time. I love the new 'stang. :worship: I can't wait to test drive one! :nice:
  17. i agree, ford should follow GMs lead and make a total monstrosity out of the Mustang like they did the GTO in the name of non-retro. also, all this SOHC and DOHC stuff has to stop.

    we need an antiquated engine in the mustang forget all this technology stuff.

    /sarcasm off

  18. Uhhhh, you are kidding right? The original Beetle is the best selling car of all time. At its peek they sold about 2 million in one year.
  19. Peak. :p
  20. :rlaugh: