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  1. how long should you wait with dealing with some one before you start becoming a dick???

    as most of you who are on here a lot can see im pretty laid back easy going... i try to stay pretty mellow. my job gives me enough stress i dont need any more gray hair... im only 29 i dont need a full head of gray.
    story.... guy on corrall had a nitrous kit listed... he was bumping it daily so i PM'd him to see what all was in the kit. got the deatils told him id take it once i got paid. day before i get paid i sent him a message about pay pal info... 2 weeks go by and nothing.
    i'll admit im not the best at getting back to people super quickly... between my full time job deatiling cars on the side stuff around the house working on the race car year round i stay pretty much booked every day. (honestly couldnt tell you the last time i had a day to relax) but i try to get back to people in a day some times 2 when i have parts for sale. not 2 weeks between PM's
  2. Chances are he sold it if he stopped bumping the kit. If it's been 2 weeks and the guy is not responding before you pay him, that is a red flag.

    Give him one more email saying you have cash in hand and ask if it is still for sale and for his paypal info. If he doesn't respond in 24 hours fuggetaboutit.
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  3. i actually just looked again and he hasnt even been signed on since he PM'd me back about the details on the kit. my guess is he really doesnt want to sell it.
    normally i wouldnt care im just trying to set aside a bunch of money for carlisle next week. if i dont get the kit from him i will just buy one up there
  4. My luck...the time i'm jerk to someone, i'll discover their mom died or something major like that.
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  5. Dude probably either sold it, or just got busy and forgot about it being posted on corral. I'm carlisle bound next week too!:nice:
  6. you selling parts , showing or just going to check it out?
  7. Even if he gets back to you after two weeks that would be a red flag if he still had it for sale. I wouldn't give my hard earned $$$$ to anyone that is horrible with getting back to me and takes long periods of time responding. What's going to happen once you give him your money? I don't buy anything unless it's Ebay with a great feedback rating or Craigslist in person with cash.

    Do not email him again, you'd be like the girl that you went on one date with that won't stop calling, calling, calling.......

    Good luck!
  8. im pretty sure im just going to go to carlisle and buy one... i plan to take a good bit of cash with me. maybe i'll buy a TKO also while im there lol
  9. I go every year just to rummage through the swap meet to see if I can find anything worth while. I'm riding up with my buddy in his Kenne Bell supercharged silver '05 that he is showing this year. It looks mostly stock, besides the retro headlights, quarter glass louvers, and exhaust tips. I'll be rockin' my stangnet shirt.
  10. I will be there also. Looking for a cage and maybe a hood.. Yet to save money on shipping.
  11. what kind of cage are you looking for bolt in or weld in?
  12. Weld in for a 91 vert
  13. You can prob make a bolt in version a weld in version pretty easily I would think. I was looking at wild a wild rides cage. Heard good things about them.
  14. might want to check out DCperformance in forest hill MD... they are about an hour from lancaster. Dom does good work at fair price's. nothing wrong with the wild rides set up but you could get a custom made set up for a few bucks more
  15. Ok. Thanks for the recommendation, I will check it out. Are all of their cages custom?
  16. yes... thats who mounted the hood dash scoop and front end on the race car. he may be doing a belly pan for us soon also
  17. S&W
    Wild Rides
    maximum Motorsports

    All make nice cages. Sure you know this but they are different for verts than coupes or hatchbacks.
  18. i knew they were different than the hatch, what is different between the coupes to the verts? i guess the rear bars would be different because the seat is not as big.
  19. Ok, that's what I figured.