How low can *you* go? :) (VIDEO inside)

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  1. Completely fun post here:

    How low - YouTube

    Since I had my video camera out recording the mustang idle issues, I thought i'd take an SPL video of my single 12" TC sounds SVS sub in a 12" wedge box (From parts express). The sub was a free upgrade when I bought a PC12+ tube sub from them, so I had an extra one lying around.

    I know it's silly, but I like how the JVC reads the song title "How Low", the SPL meter reads "lo", and then the bass hits. About half-way through I turned up the volume a bit more, and hit 120+ dB. I don't know how high, as I maxed out the rat-shack SPL meter. :eek:

    It's impressive until I consider that I used to run twin Eclipse 8812 subs in there, and they hit 136.4dB :jaw: at the dB drag races.

    Now those subs in my home theater, along with the SVS tube sub, and twin DefTech BP2002TLs (12" sub built in) for a total of 5 subs. Plus buttkickers in the seats.

    Why yes, I do like bass. :D