Roush how many 427'ers out there? 1 Here!

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by innrkid, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. Any new 427R's?
    Love it sits in the garage and it snows like hell.:bang:

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  2. Number 2. Mine also in the garage now until spring. I still go out and listen to the sirius radio from time to time.
  3. another illinois guy??

    Hey, Congratulations on the car. I live in Woodstock Il. Where are you located?
  4. I live down in Wilmington, south of Joliet. Where did you order your car from?
    Got mine from Court street Ford.
  5. I picked mine up from Rod Baker Ford in Livonia Mi even though I live in Illinois. Long story...but, in essence I purchased the red 427 that is featured on their site. I really enjoy the car...great fun!
  6. how do you like the 427R? am very interested in a 2007 not sure on a roush or a saleen S/C? any advice?
  7. This will be biased...of course. I love my is everything I was looking for. I have had the European speed/performance cars and love their refined engineering....but I wanted something raw. This car is fast, loud (relatively) and sticks to the road. Roush knows how to "stick" a vehicle to the road....race heritage...and the suspension speaks for itself. The down side? At 60 mph or 1800 to 2000 rpm there is a's the off road exhaust... My options seem to be gearing...maybe a 4.10 rear end or an exhaust change.

    The other thing I liked was that the Ford factory warranty is 100% with the Roush...I don't know on the saleen.

    From what I have seen the saleens are a great looking car...I just don't know enough to give you an opinion.
  8. thanks for the info innrkid we have a saleen dealer in oregon but no roush dealer they all seem to be in the middle of the country but I will keep looking the roush is what i am leaning towards. do you think the 410 rear is a good idea i have seen some articles that suggest it is a good idea
  9. I am not a gear expert....others have recommended either the 3.73's or 4.10' a question this and you will get evry point of view out there. The 427 does not need any low end help in terms of torque which the 4.10's would deliver in spades. What I am looking for is a higher running RPM in 5th gear at I can tell is I would get an additional few hundred RPM's which would be perfect.

    I think any Ford dealer could order the car for you....although with could do it that way as well.

    Where in Oregon? My wife is from Coquille, Gold Beach and school at OSU.
  10. Thanks again for the info innrkid.Drain,OR. but grew up in Eugene. Will chech out the ford dealer direct. I found a 07 burgandy 43,500 plus shipping in ternet but would kind of drive one first to see if it really what I want. you don't ever see them around here. have a good one and GO DUCKS
  11. depending on the's a good deal. I recomend the dash kit, white face gauges, short throw shifter, louvre windows....I have the seats, sill plates and some other trinkets.
    I would love to see you join the Roush family. There is a forum at that has almost exclusively Roush owners....some really good info there.
  12. box,
    Hillyers Ford in Woodburn,OR is a Roush Dealer, they usually have at least 3 Roush cars on the lot. We live in Vancouver, Wa and own a '06 Roush but not a 427 yet.
  13. kerry, thanks I really appreciate the info wish I would of found this site long ago could of saved some real soul searching. I will get ahold of Hillyers and go from there. How much engine mods do they do when they do the motors? Does Roush add their own crank and rods etc.... or do they just add the blower? Have you ever compared the roush to a Saleen? And whats your opinion of them? Thanks Chuck
  14. I believe there is no internal work done on Roush, just the Supercharger and computer reprogramming. Not for sure on the Saleen. I had always like the Saleen's until I saw the 2 side by side at a Car Show in May of '05, it was like OMG what a differenace. When you compare the styling it was a no brainer. Funny thing is most people agree, I've yet to see a new model Saleen finish ahead of Roush in head to head peoples choice ompetition. Good luck on your quest, keep in touch were looking at holding a Roush gathering in Northwest at some point.

  15. ROUSH does not chagne out the rotating assembly, they do add the S/C and tune for drivability.
    Unlike the SALEEN Extreme which is built for heavier duty and great boost.

    I always advise seeing both personally and make you own determination.
    Also, take a 'spirited' drive in both. :nice:

    Good luck on your selection.
  16. Its gonna be a roush not sure whether 427 or stage 3. thanks for everyones input it really helped and hope to join your ranks soon, thanks again,Chuck