How Many Colors Has Your Stang Been?

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  1. I believe mine has been 6.... the original color was white...

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  2. my 69 Mach 1 has been three colors. original was lime gold ,then blue when i bought it, and i painted it Corvette flame red when sold it some 25 years ago . it still had some of the red left when i got it back last is brown and grey primer over bare metal now and i hope to change that soon. my 67 GT 390 fast back was original raven black with grey primer over that when i bought it in the 80s ,i striped it to bare metal and painted it raven black again so it has always been black. my 69 GT fast back was original Gulf Stream Aqua ,it is gold right now but will be returned to Gulf Stream Aqua. i have worked on cars that i swear the paint was 1/8 inch thick.
  3. Three, I think. Lime gold. Red. Now something close to highland green.
  4. My 67 Cougar has always been black. I repainted it in 88 and 2010, both times in black.
  5. Two, the original blue (Tahoe turquoise) I think, still had the original paint on it when I bought it from the original owner (a high school friends mother who bought the car new). Now it is a mix of house of colors bright silver and galaxy grey with galaxy gray stripes.
  6. my mustang has been two colors, the original sahara beige, and white.
  7. It has been repainted once, but the color is still the original Tahoe Turq. IMG_1987.JPG
  8. original-forest green
    light metallic green/silver stripes
    black with gold stripes
    94 t-bird moonlight blue/white pearl stripes(best combo i had)
    tangelo pearl/white pearl stripes with ghost flames
  9. My '65 is still Vintage Burgundy, My '67 started out Raven Black, then was silver, then black again, and currently is a dark blue. The paint is so thick, that sitting in the sun, the paint come off in large chips.
  10. i paint striped a car like that .i left it in the hot sun and blew air from my compressor into a chip and the paint came off in sheets like vinyl .
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  11. Springtime Yellow (original), Black, Metallic Blue, Off White, Silver Smoke Grey (current).
  12. One (Caspian Blue), in the process of being two (Robs Red)
  13. I like the tangelo pearl/white pearl stripes with ghost flames. Did you paint it yourself?
  14. I did not paint this color myself, but I have been doing repairs on areas that are going bad. I would never use this paint again, its a awesome color, but its impossible to match.
  15. Oem royal maroon and then a cheap maaco job that was "ruby".
  16. i remember quite a few years back a friend of mine had one of those Earl Shibe paint jobs,you know the ,ill paint anything for $99.95 jobers. looked good for about a month and the first time he washed it .as he washed it the water in the bucket turned blue and the car turned grey primer :rlaugh:
  17. My 69 was Gulf Stream Aqua to start with then base white followed by pearl white, candy red and candy blue. After a couple of years the clear cracked and I primed it gray then sprayed it red. It sat a long time than I decided to race it again and sprayed 6 coats of white lacquer. Twelve years later I stripped it to bare metal and painted it candy red pearl white and candy blue again this time using urethane in 2005.
  18. Originally forest green, now black. It will need paint again before too long and I would either do a dark green or black.