40th Anniv How many Competition Orange Mustangs were made?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by jlhall_10, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. As the title says, how many Competition Orange 40th Ann. GTs were made?

  2. Hate to break it to you bro', but the only "True" 40th Anniversary GT's come in Crimson, Black and White. All of the Mustangs come with the 40th Anniversary Badges, but the the 40th Anniversary Package only comes in those 3 colors. For the record though, Comp Orange does kick ass.
  3. yeah i know that the real 40th comes in those colors, i was just wondering how many GTs were made in the Orange.
  4. I emailed Brad Barnett at TheMustangSource.com and he is looking into how many of each color were made.
  5. Cool thanks alot man. I really appreciate it.
  6. I have one :nice: . I order the badge for inside and the stripe down the side so now it's the best of bought worlds.
  7. Where can you order the 40th Anniversary badge for the inside? :shrug:
  8. seen two competition orange mustangs

    I just recently bought an 04 5 spd mustang gt. I went to about 20 different dealerships and only seen one competition orange mustang gt and one competition orange v6 out of 100's of mustangs. I almost bought the orange automatic gt but they dealership checking too much into my trade in and noticed it was in a couple accidents lol. That orange color is definitely nice and very rare!
  9. Got my badge off ebay. just do a search for 04 mustang. It was like 30 dollars plus shipping.
  10. I'm getting a Competition Orange one tomorrow. It has the little badge on the side of the fender (iirc). I love it. May get the hood scoop and the side scoops painted black with part of a black stripe coming off of the sides like the older mustangs. It was the last hail damaged mustang they had at the dealership and my brother-in-law has connections so he pretty much got it for me (he ain't paying for it though.) He works at a collision repair shop so him and his coworkers specialize in fixing dents. It doesn't have the same rims or anything because its upgraded, i.e. a upgraded sound system and rims/tires. Sad thing is is I'm only 15 and I don't even have my learner's permit.
  11. this may be obvious but, subtract the known number of mach1s (1039) and you're that much closer to the answer (5387).
  12. oh yea......i didnt even think of that. Im a little slow.

    I may have redemed myself, if i subtract the cobras as well i get 5034, even closer!
  13. I've checked eBay a few times with no hits... have run major Internet searches and come up with nothing. Do you happen to remember the name or e-mail addy of who you bought the center console badge from?
  14. I ended up buying my badge right from a Ford dealership for about $25. :D
  15. Awesome! I e-mailed one dealership off their website, and they replied asking for a part number. Seems like they could find that easier than I could!

    Any chance you have your receipt handy that would have a Ford part number on it for this item?

  16. The receipt has the following part number: 4R3Z 6304460 AA Description: 1082D BDG ASY. I paid $25.25 after tax.
  17. That many!?!? I have barely seen any on the streets, so I was thinking it was gonna be alot lower than that. Must be because I am in Michigan, where most Ford dealerships are packed full of trucks. :(