How many different models in '05?

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  1. They are already working nights, weekends, and holidays.
  2. Someone get me a SAWZALL, I can fix that convertable problem in a couple minutes.
  3. I say the Base and GT coupe will be out first followed by the Verts approx. 4-6 months after with a price range around $1000.00 more than current. In Spring of '05, look out for production specs on the Shelby/Mach 1 and maybe Cobra and on the market in late Summer/Fall '05 with prices not exceeding $1000.00-$3000.00 over current prices. Rumors state the new Cobra to have 450-500hp range. Damn, the '03 Cobras are close to 450bhp now (+/-430bhp). Go to SVTperformance and see how cheap it is to get a '03 Cobra to 500bhp. Shelby Mustangs will be in the same price range as Saleen/Roush...maybe more (Shelby isn't stupid). Ford will not shoot themselves in the foot. The dealerships may try to cash in on some customers with price hikes, but those prices will come down eventually.
  4. aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww damnit. Ive been dreaming and drooling about a new saleen

  5. Did I miss something? :eek: When did this happen?
  6. I hope Shleby makes an 05 Eleanor body kit
  7. My BIG question to everyone in here is: If the Shelby Mustang is going to be built, will it be a COBRA Shelby Mustang or NOT a Cobra? What I am trying to ask here is if the Shelby Mustang will be a "separate" model from the Cobra model. What do you know about this?
  8. Check the northwest forum there was a thread on it there.
  9. i know this is nitpicking but there were 2k models produced but were only sold to select few ford employees and in austrailia