How many gears can you chirp?

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  1. Ive gotten 2nd a few times, possibly 3rd but it was kinda hard to tell if it was tires squeeking, or something else... haha.

    Whats the best method to doing this on a 5 speed? Just wondering if there is any way besides revving it out and then slipping into another gear real quick.
  2. 4. Best way to do that is 4.10s
  3. With the bottle or without. 4 with it lol
  4. Damn... haha.

    I rode in a Fox that had some pretty steep gears out back, got it to chirp 4 also. I actually think it would have done 5th if we didnt let off... it was sick.
  5. I dont have a bottle.
  6. granny shifter fo life here.

    think ive hit third a few times though
  7. just 2nd, i dont get traction til right before it shifts into 3rd. pretty good i guess for an automatic
  8. On the street, my tires dont make any noise lol.
    At the track on DRs, it will chirp the 3rd-4th gear (no PS) @ around 90MPH.
  9. I can be in 5th @ about 55-60mph and tap the gas and it chirps. I havnt updated my sig yet, have I? :D
  10. My car will now spin 3rd with the 4.10s :D
  11. with my 3.90's i can chirp 4th every once in a while
  12. I could get 3rd when i first bought the car but now it runs like garbage so im getting a tune and new plugs and wires then well see again. But i spin all the way through second and my tires just spin and dont make any noise either:shrug:
  13. I get 4 at the track and 3 on the street sometimes 4th.. I powershift so I did not need much to get it to do that.
  14. 4th if I'm driving like an ass and really powershifting... but usually 1-3.
  15. I can get 1st to chirp, almost all of the time... :shrug: One time second chirped...

    //stock auto verts for teh win!
  16. All of them. lol