how many GT500'Swill be produced / when

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  1. Can anyone tell me how many GT 500'S are going to be built, and when they will start production on them. Is this going to be considered a collector car.
  2. If you plan on getting one and making some money on it any time soon you might as well save your money. These cars aren’t going to be worth anything any time soon or maybe never. Coming from someone that has one of the 1000 made in 07 its a great car and the 2010s going to be even better. If you want a car that is fast, looks great, and can be modified into an absolute monster then buy one but if you plan on getting one and letting it sit to collect dust buy something else, something you already know is a collectors car (ie 67 GT500)

    Ford is going to make as many of them as they can sell. There were 23,683 2007-2009 models produced if that tells you anything.

    As far as when production starts they should be hitting lots in the next month or so.