How Many Guys Out There W '79s?

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  1. How many guys out there w 79s and what's going on w em? Like are the efi or carb? Any pics? I don't really know anything about em and would like to learn. Does anyone have a quick rundown on em?
  2. I don't have one but have looked into them as they seem to be a little cheaper than 87-93's. The only reason I would look at getting one is the price and convert it to an aero fox with interior and EFI. Other than that I wouldn't get one. Not my taste.
  3. I have a 78 fox;)
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  4. and they are carbed
  5. First year for Mustang fuel injection was 86.
  6. I have an 85. Love it. I like 4 eyes more than aero noses now
  7. Stock motor?
  8. unless you have a chubby for a fox1 chassis I dont see the appeal. They were loaded with inferior parts that were all but phased out by 86 and certainly by 87, and I'm not just talking EFI. At this point finding a working one is an act of God and everyone thinks that since its 34 years old its worth a mountain. I personally love the front fascia especially the pace car/cobra but that is the only thing about these cars thats worth a damn.
  9. You'd have to do a total drivetrain, brakes, suspension swap from engine to rear end on a 79 to get it to perform like a stock 87 and up. Not to mention the harnesses and ECU. By the time you are done, you could have bought a decent FI fox body.

    Plus what's up with those low window switches?
  10. marketed to midgets???:shrug:

  11. I forgot how stupid these were.. Another Better

  12. maybe so the hippies could open the door with their bare feet?
  13. Funny, I have a 79 coupe and the thing I hated most was the front grill. That's why I switched to an 85. The bottom door latch is a big question in my mind right now. I really like that they were only on 79-80. That makes them different from all the other 81-93. I just love the four eyes. My wife had a 93 and they wanted me to put my engine in her car, no thanks. I don't think my 34 year old car is worth more that your 27 year old car. And I'm sure parts for a 87 are easier to find than for a 79. I like my carb and simplicity.
  14. this is 69Clark's car. It's hard to deny the appeal here, but he doesnt have much left that stock inside or out.

  15. I love pace cars. I would sell or trade my 92 GT for a clean pace car in a heartbeat. I love that front nose on the pace car and the early GTs. I really like that 81 T-Top coupe that Robbie (forget his last name) built. It's like a maroon color with a newer cobra drive train. That car is sexy as hell too.

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  16. Funny as Heck!!!:lol:
  17. I squirt every time I see that car!
  18. It was all original when I got it. Had all the emissions and also the factory 4 barrel carb. Won't be staying that way though lol
  19. There was actually a CFI fuel injection option in 85' It wasn't very good or popular though.

    I have a 79' POS in my shop right now with a 460cid in it. Customer ditched it here over a year ago and hasn't sent any parts or money to get it running. It's seriously pissing me off, and my good graces and patience have long since worn thin.

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  20. Send it to me. I'll find parts for it and get it running. :D