How many hours...

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  1. you spend on SN a day - Or any forum really? I'm a college student and if I put half the time I put to my work as I do reading the forums, then I would be getting a 4.0. I honestly am on a forum, whether it be mach1registry, svtsnake, or SN hours a day. Right now I should be doing an 8 page paper that is due tomorrow and I only have 5 pages done, but no, I'm here. And I need to be up at 515. My gf asked me what I love more; her or the mustang, well when I paused before I answered she wasnt too happy. I think I am beyond addicted/obsessed. The sad part is I dont know crap about our cars. I start reading threads and looking at peoples sig's and I get so jealous..happen to anyone else? Well I guess I should be getting back to work (aka reading threads) - and I am sure this thread isnt the first one like it
  2. Yes sir, I read a lot of people sig's and wish I could have thier car or cars. Also I spend about 8 to 10 hours a day on SN. I think my Plt. Sgt. wouldn't like it if he find out. But oh well...
  3. Man that is brutal get the **** off here and go do something else for a change!!

    You can't TiVO your life!
  4. on here alot off and on. i never turn my laptop off or close my forums i visit. always the same 4-5 windows open on my comp, so i randomly come and check them out :shrug:
  5. I haven't left for 2 months straight... I need to go to sleep :scratch:
  6. TIVO - ?
  7. Right nowI'm laid off so I spend alot of time on here and ebay. I'm always signed in but sometimes I go out adn always come home and read up. My friends think I'm like a 5.0 tech cause I learn alot of info from here.
  8. I come and go. Lots of downtime-by-the-minutes at work, and I have to stay ready at my desk so I can't leave...and just refresh my personal mailbox and jump around between a couple forums. Rinse and repeat. At home, I come on when I read email notifications of thread responses and then browse around while I basically lounge around watching TV and/or doing various other things until I hit the hay.
  9. Once when I wake up, once at like 10am, another at lunch, prob again at 3pm, then right as i get off work, then couple times after dinner, and prob again before sleeping. Basically when ever i'm on a pc.
  10. I think I am with ya on that one
  11. Your a framer arent you? Drive to Utah and work for me:D
  12. you pay me 5 bucks an hour and it's a deal

    No I'm not a farmer but most of my friends are and I do help out on farms and "get a lill mud on the tires" once in a while. I live in a small town pop 7500+ maby and I am surrounded by farm land.
  13. Depends on the day. Sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes an hour or more. It's a great way to learn stuff IMO.
  14. Now that I'm working on my major, I dont have to write any stupid papers. Only solve equations and write proofs, I love it! Leaves me plenty of time fart around and waste time.
  15. what school do you go to?
  16. DeSales..not far from KU
  17. It ain't that bad, just think about how much time so many college students spend on myspace and facebook.
  18. Not FARMER, FRAMER.:rlaugh: