how many HP can a 2.3L turbo engine make ?

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  1. how many HP can a 2.3L turbo engine make?
    and whats good about 2.3L tubo engine dose it really hall ass
  2. A few years back MM & FF had a project car that put out around 400.
    351wcoupe's 2.3T runs 11's, with bolt-ons - read about it in his threads in the last few weeks.
  3. 1100 hp. See Joe Morgan and the Turbonetics Ford Focus!

    In the real world, 300 hp for a couple hundred $$ (if that) and a weekends work. A few hundred more and you're into the 400 hp range. Of course, an excellent tune is a big part of that!
  4. Isn't Joe's motor a Miget motor? I'm not real sure it's a Lima 2.3 but who knows but I think he runs 8's with FULL interrior! Also, I got a local here who did 735rwhp doing 9's but using an aftermarket tall deck 2.3 block, Esslinger head, and a huge turbo. Those blocks are hard to come by but I'm sure you can acheve the about the same or more using a stock block. Then you got MIKESVO who ran 12's pretty much all stock or Junk yard parts. I'm not sure what 351Coupe is doing but I'm sure it's fast. I think once you start getting around 300+hp, you need to start adding in some money on aftermarket parts or bigger stock part off of something else. That SVO mentioned above in FF&MM is owned by Creig Gillis and he ran a T3/T4 with an Esslinger head I believe. The T3/T4 is good up to around 450hp.
  5. confusia say... "as much power as your pockets are deep"


    realistically on the usuall 2.3er budget 300-400hp reliable.

  6. Thats that 735rwhp 2.3T I was talking about. The guy's name is John dell and he lives in the next town over. We run across him everyonce and a while at the local track. Anyways, Keep in mind thats a long block 2.3T he's using and God knows how much money he's got under the hood of that car. The guy owns his own business and has had a few toys like a Supra and EVO as well. I think the EVO and SVO has been wrecked...the EVO totaled while the SVO is being repaired.
  7. Right, I first heard about his car(and then him) on either TurboFord or SVOCA, I forget. Heck, maybe it was both places.

    Personally I'm surprised the 2.3 block can take that much power, but I keep hearing about Joe Morgan's Focus with quite a bit more horse under the hood.:drool:
  8. Yes, That car is like a Legend around here.

    Anyways, I'm pretty sure Joe's motor isn't a Lima version of the 2.3 motor...the Lima is what we've all used or is using that came stock in cars like the Pinto, TC, and SVO's. I think his motor is a complete aftermarket motor that shares some comanalities with the 2.3's we're used to but not all of them. I never bothered to learn more about it, so I really can't explain it other than that. And not to take away from Joe, he's done more for the 2.3L/T's than anyone else I'm sure.
  9. I guess I'm not surprised. I haven't even seen pictures of the engine.
  10. Johns car uses the SVO (aftermarket) Talldeck block, adn Esslinger 2.8 stroker kit...i wouldnt compare it to a normal 2.3 but Joe Morgan if i recall in a few talks we had said he did over 700hp on a stock block, i know the blocks and cranks will take it but the rods come apart at high power levels and if you rev them rods and your set for a while...............Hal

  11. I remembered the Tall deck block/Head but for got all about the stroker kit. It's got some 125lbs inkectors that probaly cost a few bux as well.