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  1. I have a 1987 mustang lx 4 bannger w/t-tops!!!! Does any one know how many were made?? I tried asking ford but they didnt help!! I was told by one of my friends that they only made 900 mustangs with t-tops both gt annd lx!!! I have seen a lot of gt's with t-tops but not one lx !!! Do I have i one of a kind car or are there more out there???? can some one HELP??? :shrug: :bang:
  2. Wow. I don't know any numbers but I bet a 2.3L with T-tops is pretty rare.
  3. There were about 900 1988 Mustangs made with T-tops....or so the rumor is. They were cancelled early in the model year.

    There were 200,000 '87 Mustangs made, and T-tops were offered all year long. I have seen quite a few LX's with T-tops and my friend owned an '87 2.3L with T's.
  4. I got a 1982 GL I-6 NOTCHBACK(since converted to V8), with T-TOPS, I really want to know that number!
  5. Now does a T-top weigh more than a hard top? Also does a hatch weigh more than a coupe?
  6. T-top weighs more then the hard top but with the T-tops you can more the weight from the middle to the rear and the coupe weighs less then the hatch !! :spot:
  7. they ever make a T top notch?? :shrug:
  8. Thanks
  9. I think so...

  10. I got a 82 Notch, with T-Tops.

    She sure is SWEEET!
  11. I thought so....

  12. How about a t-top convert?
  13. You want to convert yours to T-tops, Cro? I see. Good idea. :)

  14. No. I mean how many covertibles with t-tops were made?
  15. Stealth cars...covertibles....hmm, I don't know that one either.

  16. hmm t-top vert? gonna put the t-tops on the trunck lid? :shrug:

    well i have a t-top notch with a 2.3 and a 4 speed..
  17. Yeah I saw a 4-eyed one the other day on the highway.
  18. Does anyony know how many of the 200,000 87 mustangs made were GT w/t-tops?
  19. Why must people always resurrect ancient threads to ask a question instead of just making a new post? :bang:

    And why are you asking us about GTs? :bang: :bang:
  20. why do you feel you have to be the post police, if you don't know then don't post. And you think that someone who posts in a 2.3L thread knows nothing else about any other mustangs? Are people that narrow in thier knowlage? Get over yourself!:ZipIt:
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