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  1. It's just the principle. This is a 2.3 forum, and 2.3's were only in LX's. Therefore, none of the talk in here concerns GT's. Also, to my knowledge, no LX models were offered with t-tops, further showing that odds are many of us simply may not know.
    However, many of the people in here do have a few other Mustangs and/or are just knowledgable about Mustangs anyways, so I understand you're saying that we would likely be able to answer your question.
    But, I dare you to go in the 5.0 forum and ask some question related to a 2.3 modeled Mustang. I'd be surprised if you survive.
    And don't flame the moderator.
    If no one answers I can look in my Fox Body Recognition Guide when I get home this weekend.

  2. Ohhh gee uhhhh I dunno....maybe because I'm the moderator of this forum?
  3. You know a simple statement like: "you may want to post this in the 5.0 forum and create a new post" would have been sufficiant.

    "Why must people always resurrect ancient threads to ask a question instead of just making a new post?
    And why are you asking us about GTs?"
    , is not a reply that a moderator representing a forum should be posting, I humbley came here for answers, not to be a target for some kid to grip at. Thank you tealtiger93 for looking into that. And yes I have since done a NEW post in the 5.0 forum.

    treat people the way you would want to be treated:D

    I can't believe this conflict over one simple question, sad...

  4. wow, obviously you have a lot of growing up to do kid.:nono:
  5. N0 y0u is t3h kid punk!!1
    I'm t3lling my m0mma yo1
    Omgfso 0wn3ded112!!
  6. Honestly, bud, do you know how many times people come into this forum asking us stuff about V8's? I'm starting to lose my patience.

    So now you can go away and never come back. boo-hoo.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.