how many miles are on your 99-04?

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  1. just picked up a 99 GT . this is my 1st mod motor, so im all new to this. the car has a little under 78,000 miles and is bone stock. also a 5 speed. just sort of curious if the PI 4.6 is as reliable as the 5.0. how many miles are on your car? any major issues or problems?

    i tried using the search function on this one but didnt have any luck. if i overlooked it, sorry in advance

    thanks :SNSign:
  2. 78k is nothing for a 4.6, there people here with over 200k

    BTW, my 98 has 103k on it...
  3. 2004 - 28,400
  4. 2000GT, 40k miles. Parts replaced-battery only
  5. 2002 - 86,xxx
  6. 51,500 on my 04 GT. I don't drive it much any more, but my 99 Explorer has 224,300 on it. I know it's not a mod motor, it's not even the SOHC 4.0. It's the crappy OHV 4.0, but who says American cars don't last!
  7. 03 gt - 64,xxx I drive it about every other day and for about a year I drove it 5 hours interstate driving every week. Never had the first problem out of it....except of course when I go and mod something :)
  8. 04 GT 73000 thats rounding up im really 72 and some change. every day i get in her the pedal sees the floor at least once. I run her hard have run lots and lots of nitrous through it. have put many passes at the track on her and i change the oil every 3k with some good oil and a filter and she runs like a champ
  9. 2000 GT, 120k. Runs like a champ.

    Only problems I've had was a dead battery and had to replace the IAC.

    Also have a squeeky TOB, but its common and not engine related.
  10. 01 gt- car has 86000....built motor has 7000 (built bottom end to be exact stock heads cams)
  11. 02-128,xxx think i have the most :(
  12. several of you guys have about the same or even more miles than mine and claim few to no problems...makes me feel better :)

    since mine is a 99, dont i have some sort of individual coil pack per cylinder? are those expensive to replace? just thinking of a future tune-up. runs great now but does seem to have a slight ( and i mean slight ) miss at idle, no hesitation at all under a load.

    carry on
  13. 99 - 91k

    you have COPS not coil packs on your 99. you can get a set of 8 for 200.
  14. coil on plug ?

    ignore my ignorance, is that a good thing or bad thing compared to coilpacks? is there a suggestion when to replace them? are there any other ignition components that work with them?

  15. 2003 - 29k
  16. You only replace them when they go bad. Almost 121k and mine are all still factory.
  17. 99 with 44k,1500 with the kb no problems
  18. 2002, just turned 31,000 miles. Bought it new in 2001, no problems at all
  19. i see you got a yellow one too. chrome or zinc? care to post a pic of it? curious to see what 18" fr500s look like :)
  20. 78k and running well! Mobil 1 oil w/motorcraft filter changes every 2k miles.