how many miles are on your 99-04?

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  1. 73K on my 03.
  2. My 02 has 62K on the clock. Only issues is the COP issue as of now :notnice:
  3. 107,000 big ones on my 2001 GT... still VERY strong :)
  4. Just flipped 129,000 the other day.
  5. my 2000 GT is nearly at 89,000. havent had it long but previous owner seemed to take care of it.

    oil sending unit has been replaced since ive had it. plugs, air filter, shocks & struts

    fingers crossed : no cracked intake, COP issues or spark plug blowout
  6. Wasn't this your thread to begin with? :scratch:
  7. I just hit 58k today actually... Bought it at 22k so that is 38k miles of driving it like I stole it :banana:
  8. I had a 98 GT vert, that i sold with 154,000 on it. Still ran like a top.

  9. sure is. turned into quite a thread hasn't it?

    i've swapped cars since my 1st post.
  10. I have 15000, my only prob was tranny
  11. Heck you are catching up with your old one lol. 01 has almost 92K on it, something like 80-85ish when I bought it.
  12. Just hit 20,000 2 days ago. Sad day :(
  13. 49k. Several problems though (diff, axles, axle bearings, replaced gas tank). Only thing left to fix is the axle stuff. Not as reliable as I had hoped, and I don't abuse it at all.
  14. i just hit 390 miles :spot:
  15. Have a 99 Mustang GT
    With almost 47k :)
  16. :lol: well, we're almost 2 years later and the car just tripped 36K. sad thing is that most of those miles are put on during mustang week every year. i may burn 3-4 tanks a year in my car:rlaugh::rlaugh: