how many miles are on your 99-04?

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  1. 2000 GT with 201,500 miles...

    other than "wear parts" brakes, belts, hoses, plus etc; I've only replaced the alternator, radiator (probably didn't need to) and the stupid plastic intake...oh and 2 clutches and rebuilt the rear end (to get 3:73's :D ) at about 175,000

    now I REALLY need a new drivers seat
  2. 03 gt with 63,xxx.
    replaced my battery at 58k (stock pos)
    replaced my negitive batter terminal connector thanks to that pos battery
    replaced my clutch at 50k. but that was my fualt. stock clutches dont like brake stands hahahaha.
    other then that the stang is just as reliable as my honda was.
  3. 04 with 30k miles and only 10k on the built motor.

    Car runs like a champ!

  4. :jaw:
  5. 01 GT - 33K on the clock. Fuel pump module went out at 20K. Only problem thus far. Still has original battery.
  6. Damn dude and people say 5.0s are reliable. :eek:
  7. 04 w\ 34,000

    no problems at all(knock on wood). regular maintenance only
  8. 2002 with 7653 miles.

    The only maintanence was I had to change the stock battery when the car was 37 months old. Just out of warranty of course. :rolleyes:
  9. 2000, 30xxx miles, 5k with kb (replaced trans about 4.5k into kb)
  10. The ignition is on the right side of the column behind the wheel, in case you were wondering
  11. lol - If I'm bored on the weekend I'll got on a 80 mile loop around the city - and I DEFINITELY have the miles to prove it haha
  12. hahahahahahaha i do that all the time when im at school. I get bored and just drive around lol. i use to put maybe 10000 on it a year and now i think i put like 20k on it a year.:rlaugh:
  13. 02--29K miles never had a problem. HPIM1833.jpg
  14. 04 - 62k No problems so far (except a short in my engine harness)
  15. 02, 51k miles, zero problems. :flag:

    Except the doors don't stay open on even the slightest incline. :mad:
  16. 2003, 52000 then BOOM., now im around 3000 with pretty much everything new even the paint.
  17. this is one of the things that helped my decission when i was looking into buying a v8. 4.6s are dead reliable. Iam a firm believer that if you own a stang it should be driven I hate people who own a bad**s car and dont drive it.
  18. I know my not 99+ but my just turn 160K, factory clutch, and tranny. and rear end. Keep all maintains and babe it, and it will last :nice:
  19. 1999 GT - 67,500 miles no major problems in nearly 10 years