how many miles are on your 99-04?

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  1. 03 gt---69k
    98 gt---155k on the chassis----44k on the pi motor.
  2. Wow. Why in the world would you care what anyone else does with THEIR car? I have my reasons and don't really care if they meet with your approval.
  3. I think I might have the record for lowest mileage 99-04 mustang..... 2002 mustang gt, torch red automatic, bought brand new in 02' currently has 351 miles... and counting hahah....if anyone has lower mileage... I want to shake your hand, because that means there are other people like me!!! Oh yea and its for sale....!!!!!!
  4. I'm very curious. Price please.
  5. If you put the care up for sale, let me know. I'll take it for a 351 mile test drive.
  6. 86k, about 20k with the blower. No problems except with aftermarket products (granetelli).
  7. I got a 2001 Mustang GT with ONLY 5,765 original miles on it. I ordered the car brand new and it had only 10 miles on it when I recieved it on August 24, 2001. It's still 100% all stock. I just had the 6,000 mile service done to it today.
  8. If someone had told me there were cars out there with less miles than mine, and one being a replica of mine, I doubt I would've believed it. Who knew...:nice:
  9. 02 gt 52k, I've had factory warranty done twice on the suspension and extended warranty work done to change out broken down fuel rails and all 8 injectors, no more warranty and i have a knocking again in my suspension, 6 disc changer doesn't work anymore but regardless i still love it, all that crap needs to be upgraded anyway so it doesn't bother me.
    now let the bashings begin on my unpainted body pieces, i know its tacky but it hasn't been driven in over 2 years really, it just sits in the garage for now
  10. 01 Cobra 72xxx miles.

    Problems: Nothing that was a factory part.

    What previous owner did : Racing clutch with adjustable cable etc. etc. etc. Electric Waterpump and 3:90's in the rear.

    Things I've had to replace, Everything clutch related (clutch, cable, quadrant, fork). Everything related to the rear end (gears, bearings, posi, etc.) and a waterpump, also an ecm flash due to shotty workmanship.

    Now, I have a reliable car, and a good modding starting point. :)
  11. 03 83200 hat to change a thermostat so far. My friends 02 with 81000 never been touched, just oil changes.
  12. '99 Cobra bought it about a year ago with 8,300, now has just over 11k. I drove it home to Colorado from Alabama, so that helped bump up the miles. [​IMG]
  13. My '01 Gt currently has 34,687 miles on it and it runs and drives like new :)
  14. You people with only afew hundred miles on your cars, that's unreal. I get my chops busted for 24K miles, and you guys have driven yours less than 100 miles per year. I guess you guys will be the ones on E-Bay selling it for 40K in about 10 years.
  15. 2002 gt with 83,xxx rebuilt the trans. (crappy 3650) and have had no other problems with the stock parts. Don't beat on it all the time but daily drive it and definately not the easiest on it. Oh yea the rear end is going out, probably because when i installed the gears(2.5 yrs ago) i didn't get an install/rebuild kit. Thats my fault though.
  16. 2002 GT with 23,200. I did attampt to drive it the first winter I owned it. MISTAKE.
  17. My 03 Mach 1 has 48K miles.... i bought it with 30K two years ago....
  18. mine has 32K and i have replaced the entire drive train unnecessarily:D
  19. My 2001 GT just turned to exactly 5,800 miles just less than 10 minutes ago.