how many miles are on your 99-04?

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  1. Glad to see there are other high mileged cars on the site :nice:

    My little NPI hasn't given me any major problems for a 10 year old car. When I was installing the cams not long ago, still looked great in the internals :nice: I'll drive it till it goes no longer, then upgrade :)
  2. ...and its one of the sickest looking cars on here :nice:
  3. 03 gt bought new now has 65,000 miles was running 125 zex from 04 -07 now running 10 psi vortech and runs as tight as the day i bought it
  4. I have a 96 with 83,000.

    Only problem I had it a cracked intake. Simple fix though.
  5. 2002 with 48k. Drove it 10k in the first 12 months I owned it. 5-6k/yr after that. I'm trying to drive it more this year.
  6. 2002 with 15,800 miles, between deploying to Iraq and getting stationed in Korea since I have had it kept the miles low....been in storage more than it's been on the road. Got a lot of traveling coming up in the next few months though so that will get a few thousand more miles on it.
  7. 1999 w/ 33,000 miles
    blower since about 20,000
  8. Feel ya on the deployments(went 3 back to back to back) after that i drove the crap out of mine.:flag:
  9. I have 11K on my 01 GT

    It's getting a new Maximum Motorsport K Member! and associated parts.



  10. '99 GT Convertible, 105k miles, only problems were frozen slide pins on rear calipers, intake manifold, rear end humming and clutch needing replaced, and two spark plugs blowing out, and two COP having to be replaced because of them being broken.
  11. 5 speed 2000 GT w/ 67k miles , Replaced clutch with Centerforce Dual Friction and changed the headlights to the newer 01 - 04 smoked style, Everything else is stock.

    Its in need of a 2nd gear syncro (Good ol T45) but it only has issues if I try to shift to fast, luckily its still under warranty Ive just been procrastinating on getting it fixed.
  12. 2000 GT 151000 I like to drive.
  13. So far, I've got the 3rd highest miles.
    I've got 152k on my 97GT and it still runs great. In fact, I ran that 14.2x this spring, with 150k miles at the time, with ONLY an offroad H-pipe. It typically runs 14.4s in descent weather.
    I certainly don't baby the car. It has probably 30 passes at the quarter mile in the last 2 years. Aside from the normal fluids and wear parts, the plastic intake manifold was replaced at around 60k by ford. I also had to rebuild the rear end around 138k miles because a pinion bearing went bad, and just recently replaced the AC condenser. Actually, the AC condenser was a VERY easy fix. I was surprised. I also had to replace the shift forks, but that's because i drive the car hard and power shift at times.
    As for other problems, it uses a bit of oil (but I've never seen smoke) and the leather on the driver arm rest is wearing a bit.
    Some recent pictures:
  14. 99 auto LE 126xxx miles i bought it a year ago with 108xxx miles for 7,000 cash. love this car. my wife drives it to work and i run it hard on the weekends.
  15. read the list... bought with 25miles on it in 03 was running a 125zex untill end of summer 06 driven in pennsylvania snow with snow tires stock internals orig 3650 and 8.8 w/ 3.73 and runs as tight as the day i bought it fellas... nothing beats a good tune and regular maint. :nice::D
  16. Bought my stock 03 GT in October 2008 with 51500 has 51,770 miles. Gonna drive it tonight, might cross to 51800 miles.

    My 95 GT has 151k though and my 02 Silverado has 125k miles.
  17. 99 GT- 19,430 miles (trying to keep it under 20,000 miles)
  18. Less than 7,500 on mine. Never drive it obviously.
    One more on the chopping block.


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  19. 71k now. No new problems.
  20. 01 GT-25k miles. Lowest milage car I have owner....we will see how long that stays like that :lol: