how many miles are on your 99-04?

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  1. 01 GT-82k Drives and runs great!
  2. sounds like 99-04's are the shiaight for longevity and dependability :nice:
  3. 90,000 on the 03 GT and I don't use it during the winter.
  4. 2004 Cobra. 5,700 miles
  5. 106k, 10k s/c and still purrs like a kitten!
  6. 03 GT -82k miles. Only a noisy T.O. bearing but the clutch is still going strong.
  7. I have a 2001 GT with 79k-ish miles on it and no problems thus far. I "preemptively" changed the IAC since I know it's a problem on a lot of the new edge GTs.

    I also changed the battery to an Optima Yellow Top to support my 2 amps and a sub.
  8. '02 GT - 66k (6k on motor)

    '03 Cobra - 44k
  9. 03 GT 50000 miles about 2000 miles on new motor.
  10. Just ticked 85k on the body - 25k on motor.
  11. 03 GT @ 17700
  12. 166k on my 01. Rear brake pads lasted 130k, then went from fine, to squeeling, to blowing one of my rear calipers apart in 5 miles. Replaced the IAC at around 110k, the clutch at about 100k (only because I had access to a lift and I figured I'd make the best of it) 1 COP, and other then that its all been routine. Brake pads, 1 battery, oil every 7500 miles with Mobil 1 5w30 (burns about 3/4 of a quart per change) and a set of Tokiko blues about 1000 miles ago. I bought the car new on April 11 '01 and my new car warrenty lasted me all of 8 months before it was miled out. Over the last 7 1/2 years I've watched most of my friends go through a couple hondas and toyotas while my Ford "junk" just keeps rolling happily along :D That being said my T45 is getting a bit stiff, the car was built a week before they switched to the 3650. I'm starting to keep my eyes open for a good deal on one. At the same time if I happened to spot a nice deal on a low mile motor I wouldn't mind just doing a whole drivetrain swap. Cheers,
  13. That is straight awesome man...:nice:
  14. 38,000

    I got my Mustang GT with 32,000 for 8k. Some extras on it. couldn't have gotten a better deal. It had some custom work done. It is worth around 15k.
  15. My 2001 GT has 18367 miles on it. Still has the original battery and it starts her everytime.
  16. bought her at 60k. Slapped on the boost at 70k. Now at 91k with perfect engine compression and 13-14lbs of boost:D
  17. 2000 GT at 62k
  18. 2002 Laser Red Mustang GT
    Kenne Bell 2.6H, MPH shortblock, MPH cams,
    MPH stage 3 heads, t-56 6-speed, etc.

    2003 Redfire Metallic Cobra Convertible
    Kenne Bell 2.6H, Borla Stinger catback,
    Bassani catted x-pipe, JLT CAI, etc.

    there's something you dont see everyday.....your GT makes MORE power than your terminator. 1277 rwhp sitting in your garage. SWEET :nice: