how many miles are on your 99-04?

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  1. my 2001 cobra convertible has just 30,400 miles
  2. Just bought my brother's 2000 GT at 118K miles. Still going STRONG!
  3. Sadly, I have 102k on the clock. :(
  4. 2002 GT with 131,000 and paid for, finally. :D

    Purchased new in may 2002 with about 30 miles, most of which I put on with the test drive. Average about 19,000 miles per year.

    Replace front brakes twice and rear brakes once. Replaced the alternator. Oil changes every 5000 miles or so with Castrol 5w-20 synthetic and air filter cleaning. Still running strong and I hope it still runs strong at least one more year before anything major breaks.
  5. 2001 GT bought it 2 years ago with 62k miles, now it has 90k, i drive the piss outta it and it says "is that all you got?" :D

    P.S. never had any problems but a noisy throwout bearing, and now some exhaust leak from somewhere.
  6. My 2002 GT that I bought new, has about 24,000 miles on it, now.
    I bought a new battery and new tires, because of age. Great car!
  7. Mine is an 01 Gt with 75k on her and when I dirve her I drive her hard. Stage II cams and LTs going in when spring rolls around.
  8. My Car has 29K and some change and zero problems.
    My old 97 GT that had a new motor (2000) ran like a champ, it only had the intake manifold issue. not sure how many miles were on the motor though, the car had 78K on the chassis/body.
  9. 54k and no problems whatsoever........ I did replace the battery.
  10. 2003 GT
    bought it in january 08 w/ 25k miles
    has 32k now
  11. 72k since owned off the dealers lot... and some how (but no longer sadly after seeing some other high mile 03's) managed to put those miles on in 6 years of ownership, but only 4 years of driving due to deployments.
  12. 2001 with 13,456k !! :) dont drive it to often.

    My buddy has an 02 with 182,xxx. never ad a problem!!
  13. 2000 GT with 128, XXX on the ticker Replaced: Alternator, IAC, Lower Intake Plentum.

    Still purrs like a kitten...
  14. 16,500 :) not much at all, a 2000 GT
  15. 04 GT - around 73k
  16. 2002 GT 32,800 miles and got it at 24,000miles.

    Replaced struts and shocks.
  17. 1999 with 60,0262 when i dropped it off at the dealer this morning to get my hydropump replaced for my power steering
  18. i bought my 03 with 75k now it has 83k

    no real mechanical issues except the trac loc needed to be rebuilt, rebuilt it with carbon disc kit and it works good now

    the 8k i have put on it have been a hard 8k miles lol.. atleast i let it warm up before full throttle and use synthetic oil
  19. Bought my 2000 GT off the dealer floor. Just passed 45,000 miles.

    Daily driven for the first 4 years, since then i've probably only racked up a couple thousand miles per year.
  20. 2003 GT with 68,885 miles on it daily driven and never had a problem with it, until i started to mod the car :D but thats probably my fault

    Previous car was a 1999 saleen (R.I.P:() it had 180,000 on the dash ran with no problems only thing i had replaced was the fuel pump and water pump, had since new off the lot