how many miles are on your 99-04?

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  1. 01 GT with 140k miles, bought brand new and kept up with maint... runs strong but the higway miles and stop-and-go traffic are catching up to me... all my mods were put on before 75k

    I replaced the rack&pinion, clutch&throwout bearing, rear control arms (aftermarket ones), and a leaky a/c hose... all were first time replacements...
  2. 99 GT with 110K , Lots of mods But runs just fine :D Stock intake and coils are long gone though:p
  3. Bump --

    02 Gt -- 174,000 miles. am I the big winner???? Mountain driving; I live in the Sierra Nevada's. Mint Condition. Just have done regular maintenence. No Mods yet... Still on orginal clutch... and yes, I drive it like it's supposed to be driven. I'm 26... of course I drive fast!! and still smokes em' through second. Do I win?
  4. 99 gt with 160,xxx KMS, live in canada dont have miles :p
  5. '99 S281 - 17,087

    Had it for a year. My friend put 15,980 on it before I got it.
  6. And squeaks like one too. :lol:
  7. 01 GT with 73k. Runs awsome still :)
  8. 2000 gt, 90,000miles:nice:
  9. 03 Cobra, 52,xxx miles. Yep, she gets driven... alot.... when not in the shop. :leaving:
  10. 98xxx somthing on my 2001 never had anything major go wrong just change the oil and tires love her to death
  11. mine is a 97 but i got 82 on the clock.
  12. 16,000

    In February I just picked up an 01 Cobra with only 16,000 miles on it! That's only 2k a year, for under $15 grand! :nice::nice::nice:
  13. Sweet deal. :nice:

    Mine was similar/exactly the same. '99 w/15900 on it, he sold it to me for <$15k. I couldn't pass it up.
  14. Comp Orange 2004 GT Manual 36,XXX problem with brakes, electronics, and check engine light comes on saying theres a lack of pressure or something in the fuel lines .... owned for four years, bought it at about 28? i think
  15. 32k before the motor went south but I should have her back in another 2 weeks or so.
  16. i have a white 02 gt with 78k on the clock and the only thing ive had to replace was the input shaft i twisted it in half!
  17. my 1999 GT motor went out on me at 117K miles (previous owner lack of maintenance) currently have an 2002 GT engine in it with 78K miles
  18. Just picked up my 04GT last Week 30744 miles!
  19. Due to junked rod/main bearings, I'm halfway through with my 5.4 swap, car had 134k on the clock, and its had that for a while. It's my weekender.