How many miles do you have on your cobra?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Jsmiley, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. I know that I have seen many mustangs with well over 100k, but it seems that most cobra owners tend not to drive their cars as much as say a GT owner, I have almost 104k on mine and it is my daily driver.
  2. I drive mine once a month, maybe. It has 15K on it.

  3. Drive mine whenever I can (which is close to never with a wife and three kids) has 13,000 on it.
  4. Mine has 45K (bought it with 28 on it). Try to keep as few miles as possible on it - store it during winter and leave it parked if there's even a possibility of rain.
  5. 1997 W/52,000 miles, bought it with 23,000 :nice:
  6. 2001 bought with 29,200 now has 29,7?? :)
  7. 03 with 2,200 miles on the clock
  8. 62K on my 96
  9. 03' w/14,300 miles after coming home from Power Tour....
  10. 16K on the Cobra, bought with 13K
  11. 8.3K on '01 Cobra, bought with 6.4K :nice:
  12. just turned 62K today!
  13. Just over 4200 miles, turns out I was saving the miles for someone else, blah.

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  14. 01 w/ 71K, bought it with 69K afew months ago. I use it as my DD, even though I have a jeep. The cobra always seems to win when I ask myself "What should I drive, a big loud Jeep with lockers where everyone stares at me like somethings broken, or a nice shiny, and loud too, cobra, where I get stares and thumbs ups?" Cobra, no question. I just can't wait till I hit 100K. It will give me a great reason to rebuild the bottom end and throw on a power adder. :nice:
  15. 109300 on mine, drives awesome. still had the factory plugs until 107000. (used car)
  16. nice to see that someone has a cobra with as many miles as mine, for a minute there I was thinking I was the only one.
  17. 01 - 48k... daily driver and took lots of road trips (why have it if not goin to enjoy it.. i can look at pictures if i didnt want to drive it)
  18. I have a 99 cobra with 75,000 miles. Used as my daily driver. Bought it with 9000 miles on it back in 2000.
  19. $13K on my 04'. :(