How many miles do you have on your cobra?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Jsmiley, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. Hey Orlandostang, I also have an 01' cobra. mine has 45,000 on it bought it with 43k 5 months ago. Anyway do u go to the mustang cruise at the A&W in clermont. I live out in Clermont, id like to see your car there aint many cobras around here. I will be up there thursday night. My cobra is red with a StangNet decal on the quater window. Come on down man!!
  2. Bought it two years ago with 65k miles. Its my daily driver and it now has 72K miles, with about 6k miles on the new engine.
  3. cobra2798,

    Sounds cool. I'll try to make it out there tomorrow night. My cobra is the same color as yours with Cobra R rims and SLP loudmouth, it's pretty hard to miss.
  4. 15,400 not a daily driver
  5. Hey man it aint lookin good for the cruise this week with all this rain mabey it will clear up. Where in orlando are you im in orlando on friday night i go to school out there mabey we can hook up and show our cobras!
  6. 96 with 87K. If its not raining or snowing, im probably out driving somewhere.

  7. 36,000

    36,000 it's my daily driver so rain or shine it will be on the road with me grinning ear to ear behind the wheel. I bought this car to enjoy daily not park and look at. It will be garaged winters though.
    Ya can't take it with you, may as well enjoy it while you can.
  8. Well when you have 4 rides, mileage gets split up...........
    My Cobra still has the factory warenty, so we are milking out the mileage......
  9. 95 Coupe pushing 81K soon. As soon as the 347 goes in. Man I can just feel my back pressed into the seat under acceleration. If there were just 6 more hours in a day or I didnt have to work. BTW if the Idaho Powerball winner is reading this and in a generous mood, please make checks payable to the "sociopath5.0 Endowment Fund". Sorry, donations are not tax deductible.
  10. Just cracked 8,000 on my '96. Lot's of things conspiring against me to keep the miles down. Now if I can just get it to pass smog with all these mods...

    At least it still has new car smell... :D
  11. 03 cobra 7500 miles
  12. 55k, daily driver/commuter. Bought it in 01/02 w/36k.
  13. '96 cobra....160,000 miles. Rebuilt 15K ago to get ready for supercharger. Daily driver, rain, shine, AND snow.
  14. 53,000 and some change.
  15. got a 98 with 140,000 i say why baby these cars they were made to drive so do it.
  16. 1994 Cobra 67723 miles
  17. 04 Cobra just a tad over 5K.

    Bought it less than two months ago with 3K

    Need to get a beater car soon :bang: