How many miles do you have on your cobra?

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  1. I just purchased a 96 Cobra and I have only 13,000 original miles... :canada:
  2. 03' coupe with 23.5 K
  3. 01 w/18.5k mi
  4. 03 SVT Convert.10th Anniversary, Purchased August of 03, 3,000+ miles.
  5. 03 SVT10th Anniversary Coupe, Purchased feb 2004 has 3500 miles
  6. 28,560 on the 94'
  7. It was bought (at 60 k in '02) to be driven as much as I can daily ; 7 months a year (winter) . It now has 71 k , but work is so close (15 min .) and only traveled to Carlisle , PA in '03 . I will have fully enjoyed it before it passes to my 7 y.o. son when HE reaches 32 !
  8. my 99 has 24k on it. Got a buddy with a 98 with only 5k on it
  9. Got my '96 vert. at the beggining of '04 with around 38K and now it has 52K.
  10. 26k on mine. Bought it in Sept 04 w/10k miles on it. It's my daily driver (60 miles/day).
  11. Daily bitch!

    Exactly! LOL

    I have 11K on an 04! LOL

    I'm driving the wheels of it...then getting the new 07 GT 500!
  12. 5,300 on my 03

    38K on my 98 daily driver
  13. 4400 on my 01 and never seen the rain
  14. 75,000 flat on my '97. Im considering a NOVI 2000 on the stock internals @ 8 PSI, but not sure if it can handle it. I should just replace the rods + piston heads w/ forged bits. I haven't even drove it in the last 18 months anyway..... :(
  15. 49k on my 97. I bought it 14 months ago with 46k. Trying to keep the miles down yet enjoy it too. Take it mainly to car shows and drive it around locally.
  16. Cobra Mileage

    97 with 16,000 miles....sunny days only, never driven in rain.

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  17. 69k on my 98, bought w/17k in 02, also daily driven rain, snow or shine.
  18. mine turned 90k 3 days ago. still runs pretty strong! :nice:

    i bought it with a lil bit under 60k, and i drive it everyday, ive also driven it from Oregon all the way to Texas, and then I take it to Tucson and Phoenix 2x a year. I have taken excellent care of it though, and I have seen cars with less mileage run worse. :D

  19. 75k! psh it can still handle that :D

    I am running my 97 to the ground, although it will be a pretty challenging task, and then finding a nice 03/04 motor to go in it