How many miles do you have on your cobra?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Jsmiley, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. Bought this year with 13k on it, have 16k now...daily driver!
  2. Just over 25,500.... on my 2003 that I bought in March of 2004 brand new. :lol: Hey, I didn't buy the beast to have it sit :nice:
  3. 11k on mine. Four years old back in May.
  4. 60k on my '93 cobra. Just bought it. She's gonna be a garage queen.
  5. 41K on the 97. I bought it like that. It may see 2k a year, MAYBE
  6. The 04 just got 7k and I'll have it for a year at the very end of this month. She had 70 when I bought her. I went nuts when I first got this car, because it was my first Cobra, I love this car. Now it's settled down and she's in mint looking condition getting driven maybe two weekends a month
  7. 96,000 on my 99 cobra. Driven hard daily!
  8. my 03 Cobra has 14733 miles on it.