How many Miles on your 5.0 when you picked it up?

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by Burns331, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. Myne had 11.1 miles on the odometer when i first sat in the drivers seat. Took a picture of it.... l

    ol i dont know why, probably put it in a file with the original window sticker and pictures of the car when i bought it.
  2. 6 miles when I drove it, ended up being around 14 after my drive and them detailing/filling car up
  3. Damn, i had to out wait everyone for my stang, and i have the most miles when i picked it up.. Just cant win...haha
  4. Mine had 13 after my test drive. Found it on a lot with the options I wanted, so I didn't have to wait on ordering.
  5. 320, :eek: they had to go pick it up.
  6. 350
    They had to go get it. Ticked me off 'cause I wanted to go down and get it, but "insurance liability" made that more difficult than it was worth. :nonono:
  7. 55. Mine was sold first to Roush then bought from the dealer in Utah. I wonder if that means it will have more than 10 miles on it typically.
  8. 8 but that included the test drive about 4 sitting on the lot
  9. 30, but that included 2 test drives by ME! :D

    First actual brand-new car I've ever bought! :rock:
  10. 22.8 Mine had to come from TX, Because of the options I didn't want. But it was shipped, not driven.