How many Miles on your 5.0 when you picked it up?

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  1. mine had 37, but by time i got her home it was about 430.....Had to take a grey hound 400 miles to go get her, but enjoyed the drive home (triple digits most the way)(yes I get horrible gas mileage the way I drive :D)
  2. 3.1 miles when i test drove it 8.1 when i bought her.
  3. Mine had 5. I just loved that burny smell of the various components shedding their newness! Probably not too many if any of you remember when the engine blocks were painted. Now that was a fun smell and it lasted for some time...quite aromatic!!!
  4. 3.9 before my test drives......17 after
  5. miles

    :D After reading the variety of posts, I figured I would add mine in there.

    The car had one (1) mile on it when I took it out for a test drive. Still had the plastic over the seats, paper in the floor, and a cover on the steering wheel.

    I drove it three (3) miles, returned to the dealer, drove it straight into the service area, and immediately started making modifications/improvements before ever leaving the dealership.

  6. My dealer wanted sticker for a car with 200 miles. Get this, he had at least 8 or 9 Shelby GT500s on the lot, but like 4 GT's. Does that make ANY sense?
  7. 20 after the test drive. Think it was 12 at first.
  8. I ordered mine. Saw it on the freeway as it was being delivered to the dealership & saw it being rolled off of the truck. Still, it had 50-miles on it. I assume it was one that was selected for some type of road test. I didn't pay attention to see if there was a paper stating that it had been driven. Although I did watch as the guy unwrapped all of the plastice coverings off of the inside & outside of the vehicle. Saw him throw away a bunch of papers too, so it's possible. All I know is, once it got to the dealership, I'm the only one who drove it! Got 18,300mi. on it now and I picked it up 9/4/10.
    Absolutely L O V E driving it everday!
  9. Sounds like they may of road tested it, but them Kona blues are one nice color, like is said many many times....If i couldn't get my Lava red, kona was my 2d choice (even though that grabber blue would of been sharp on the 5.0 but I don't think it was a choice. Any how 100% satisified with my pick in color with the exception I can't seem to keep it clean
  10. I figure it was road tested b/c I know I'm the only one who drove it. I'm glad they did too. Better for them to find something wrong & fix it before it gets to me. I love the kona blue. To me it's just an awesome color. Lava red looks reall good though. I've had 2-black & 2-red mustangs, so I thought it was time for a different color. I saw a kona blue at the Houston Auto show decided that was the color I was going to order. If we ever get our mandatory water rationing lifted, I can wash my baby blue in the driveway again!
  11. Ahh, the price we pay for sleek, shiny cars! I'm sure you are all over waxing it regularly, but if not, just thought I'd throw it out there. :) That will help make it easier to keep clean between washings. Lava Red was definitely a unique choice, LOVE it! Have a terrific holiday weekend, everyone!

  12. Fifty One miles on mine when I took it out for the test drive. Drove it home with Sixty One after the test drive.
  13. invoice said 15 but they had to drive it from Denver to the springs so i ended up with it at 78 :( Hope there was lots of traffic to slow them down.
  14. Mine had 24.1 miles on it when it came off the car carrier from Saleen but it was in their showroom for several months....

    Interesting, my grabber blue 2011 was originally ordered by someone else. Just as Saleen was finishing up the car, the person changed their mind and ordered a Kona Blue coupe instead. The Grabber Blue convertible sat in the showroom for a couple of months until we bought it in August.
  15. My Black Beauty had 8 miles. This car should be ILLEGAL!!!
    2012 'Stripper' with Brembo Package, Flowmasters & BBK
    Cold Air Intake. 6 speed manual seems to be working OK;
    we shall see!!
  16. I had 174 miles on mine, 5 months later, I'm at 4,6xx miles...
  17. 3.1 before test drive 8 after