How Many Miles Out Of A 98 Gt Can You Get

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  1. I am looking to get a stang again I found a 98 gt with 156000 miles on it it looks clean and runs well they are asking 4500 is it a good idea to buy it
  2. Depending on how well it was maintained, it may last a good long time. $4500 is too much for a car with that kind of mileage though.
  3. Saggy timing chains!
  4. $4500 is high UNLESS it's in really good shape. If the exterior is all original with little-to-no problems, and the interior is super clean also, it might be worth $4500. And if it has mods on it that you would do anyway, then that's a plus also.

    On account of longevity, these motors will last a LONG time if properly maintained. At 150k miles, I personally would replace the timing chains and guides. That is probably the most common cause of a complete catastrophe on these motors, with oil starvation due to low oil being the 2nd.
  5. dint those year, edometer stop working ? cause gear broke ? you might double check it the edometer is working. that car is worth 3k , 3300 max