How many miles was it before your GT had a problem(s)?

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  1. I am normally a Toyota person, who owned a 95 Toyota Previa for 10 years without one single breakdown. I just happen to want a Mustang GT Convertible so I recently purchased a 2001 used Mustang GT Convertible with 35,038 miles on it, and I was wondering at what mileage did you experience a problem (if any)?

    It's not that I'm trying to question Ford's reliability rating, but I can't help it since my dad told me not to get a Ford because his last 2 Mustangs died out on him.

  2. the main thing here is not the make of the car..but the car itself...the previa is a 4 cylinder? the mustang an 8...the 4 has much less wear and tear on the car, and is going to last longer. Your mustang is being pushed (if you drive it like any other mustang owner I know).

    anyways..I haven't had many problems...little stupid things, but recently I spun a bearing, and my entire lower engine is getting replaced with forged internals when I get back from I guess my first problem was a big one!
  3. It took me about 200 miles to want more power. Aside from that and a little rattle in the dash coming from the center vents and the CD changer cover, I've had zero problems in almost 3k miles.
  4. Nothing major really, unless you want to count that I need the TSB done to my T-3650. :bang: I didn't have any grind 'til about 3-4 weeks ago when the weather started to get cold. :shrug:

    About a month or so after I bought mine I had a lot of condensation build up in my drivers side head light assembly. Took it in and they replaced it.

    Also , at about 2,500 miles when I was cleaning my wheels and tires before I washed the car, I noticed that my left rear tire was mounted on the wrong side of the car. Some how I got 3 right side sets and 1 left side mounted at the facory. Again, took it in and the re mounted the tire in the right direction.
    No vibration or noise.
  5. no major problems that weren't caused by me
    60k miles, 5 years, original owner
  6. The nuts at the top of my rear shocks came off last week :D so 76,000 miles before my first real problem.

  7. My 99 GT has about 80K and I have had a couple problems. Replaced IAC valve, door ajar switch is bad, convertible top leaks a little, hard to get into reverse (5 speed), and it dies sometimes when coming to a stop for no apparent reason. But when the top goes down, its perfect!
  8. wow that's quite a bit u got there :nice: what's an IAC valve? did you say your car dies when coming to a stop? isn't that dangerous? hope your car is okay
  9. Ive only had one major problem in the past 3 and 1/2 years I have owned my 97. It was a few months after I got the car (had 32k when I bought it) and that was when I got on it one night and powershifted into 2nd I heard a noise.

    Drove about a mile down the road and saw my "Low Coolant" light come on, pulled over quickly and lifted the hood and there was anti-freeze EVERYWHERE.

    Anyway come to find out, I had cracked my lower intake manifold since it was Fords bright idea to make it out of PLASTIC :bang: :notnice:

    Other than normal wear and tear: clutch, throw out bearing, pilot bearing, etc and stuff that didn't need to be replaced even though I did :D I have not had any major issues with the car.

    GO BLUE OVAL :flag:
  10. Anti-freeze everywhere? That must have been a sight to look at. :jaw:
  11. I have 115k or so miles on my 2000...I had to replace the alt. at about 98000 miles...and the water pump had a little sign of a leak so I went ahead and replaced it a couple months ago...
  12. Wheel bearing went bad after 23k miles. Had it fixed under warranty so it was all good in the end.
  13. I had 39,000 miles on my 2000 GT before I sold it and had not one problem... :shrug:
  14. 21K and still not a single problem

    *knocks on wood*
  15. i dont want to jinx anything, but i bought my 02gt manual with 30k miles on it, and now it has 34k, (drive to school and back) and so far the only prob i have is a small squeek comming from somewhere in the dash when i go over bumps. but if the music is blasting from my mach system, you cant even hear the wind when the windows are down :banana: :banana:
  16. 2000 GT daily driver, 71000 miles. I drive the piss out of the car and I've only replaced the IAC. Cost: $40 thats another story :lol:
  17. Have around 8800 on my 04 GT and no problems yet...sometimes I get a small rattle from under the dash/steering wheel, but thats expected, live on a fairly rough road.And like others, replaced a couple of parts that were not broken yet LOL.
  18. 1999 Mustang GT 52,700 miles and no issues since day one. Other than needing a new turn signal stalk replaced under warranty.
  19. I've had my 03 gt for about a month now.. and let me ask this question

    on songs with loud bass and when the mach460 is up i hear a rattle coming from around the head unit. is this normal or should i check into it more? its really annoying
  20. I think every car is different. I've had starting issues from day one. If I run my car and shut it off for a couple minutes, and then try to start it up again, I'd say 50% of the time it starts hard. Ford can't mock the problem, and can't fix it at this point. Other than having my front end taken off this past weekend, I've had no other issues really. :rolleyes: