How many miles was it before your GT had a problem(s)?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Seraphitia102, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. Just turned 50K and the only problem that I had was the factory didn't put enough lube in the rear-end and I ruined the end bearing, but covered under warranty, other than that, nothing. :D
  2. it's the little sliding cover over the disc changer, unfortunatly I think it's pretty standard fare :(
  3. ok related links is annoying lol but anyways my 1st problem came at about 10k miles but that was because i launched to hard on drag radials LOL
  4. 46500 on mine and I had a leak at the pcv valve. A hose clamped fixed that. Other than major problems.

    I do have a problem with tires as well. Seems to me I'm only buying tires in sets of two??:)
  5. 1000 miles when i install the LT and got a leak :(
  6. i had first major prob this past weekend. IAC went. free to fix(swipped IAC off of local cab(crown Vic) at my shop). 36000 miles
  7. blew my motor at 53k. never had any other problems, and this came out of nowhere.

    bla bla bla intake gasket bla bla bla oil leak bla bla bla warped block. never got a straight answer from ford on what went wrong exactly.

    only other things really is my windshield developed a small leak at the top, which they fixed.. and the little rubber piece on the drivers side door jamb refuses to stay in place and makes the door hard to shut.
  8. On my 99GT after only 100 miles on the car the ABS control module went bad and took a week to fix since it was a new part and the new body style had just come out. Besides that just the usual IAC replacement.
  9. i got the same problem...same year...same color(that dont matter j/ conincidence) i'm taking it in today for it to be looked at...mustang ingnitions arent the best i guess
  10. my drivers side window regulator went bad at about 40k, an ignition coil went bad around47k, and my iac around 50k. I bought the car with 33k and it has about 55k now, I've had it for 14 months. That squek in the dash too but I'm not sure if that counts as something breaking.
  11. Out of curiosity I would like to know how it blew up...

    Where you going WOT? no rev-limiter, etc...
  12. couldnt tell you why it happened. it started knocking (over the stereo) when i came to a stop sign, i'd put about 30 easy normal driving miles on it that morning. rev limiter is stock, safely tuned for 93 octane it was running.

    hadn't beat on it any time recently. i got into a little water on a flooded road a few thousand miles back, but i dont see it taking that long to effect it. it never stalled or acted funny and i ran some seafoam through it to eliminate moisture and changed the oil almost immediately. :shrug:

    ford took it as a defect from the start, never questioned me and they had to replace the whole motor. must've been a factory flaw.
  13. How do you tune your car to use premium fuel?
  14. advanced timing to take advantage of the slow burning fuel for a better combustion cycle.

    (thats right, its not good to run premium fuel on a stock car).
  15. I run my car on midgrade octane 89. Do you know if that's okay?
  16. That is what I ran in my 2000...never had a problem with it...

    Now I have to buy that expensive 93 for my LX :bang:
  17. My wifes car 2000 automatic coupe gt has almost 90,000 miles on it. The only thing we have replaced is the IAC (Idle Air Control) valve. This is a VERY common problem with the mustangs and fords in general. The way its running I expect to get another 90,000 out of her. She leaks no oil, burns none, the trans still shifts smoothly, just requires normal maintenance.
  18. Thanks for the advice, the check engine light comes on when you need a IAC change right?

  19. Seems kinda weird that a lot of people with that color have that same problem. A guy I know, his sister had a GT same color with the exact same problem, and Ford never could figure it out as far as I know. Maybe just coincidence, but an annoyance none the less. Hey if they figure it out for you, let me know so I can point them in that direction with mine.

  20. No the check engine light doesn’t come on. The car will idle erratically, die at stops, idle really low, and sometimes can be hard starting or give the occasional pop in the exhaust.

    Its super easy to fix even for someone with no skills and I wouldn’t consider it a major problem at all. A 12 year old could change it in 10 minutes. Its two bolts an electrical connector and a hose. Its located right on top of the engine on the throttle body, so access is very easy.