How many miles was it before your GT had a problem(s)?

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  1. Things I made dealer fix:

    1. read end whine at 20,000 (dealer fixed)
    2. no idle 40,000( IAC cleaned out, fine now)
    3. rear end whine came back 50,000 (dealer fixed, don't think they fixed it right the first time, a lot better now)
    4. Coolant light comes on started at 50,000 brought to dealer at 60,000 (just a bad float, dealer replaced tank under ESP)

    The above issues besides the rear end, I consider minor.

    the below small issues that are just part of owning a mustang, I think.

    Chirping throw out bearing.
    idle can get lumpy at times depending on weather and humidity.
    AC compressor messes with the idle too much. (usually have AC off though)

    this may seem like a lot, but we treat these cars like babies. I am actually quite happy with it.
  2. 37k miles, had to replace door ajar sensor. Only problem so far.

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  3. 52k nothing I can really complain about. all cars have something.

    headliner started to come down in the back. due to stereo I am sure so I caused that one. If I had kept stock sytem probaly would have been fine.

    ac vents rattle. this is just a design flaw from ford. plastic vents snapped into a plastic bezel with too much tolerance.

    seatbelts blow in cold weather. hard to pull out. might be a tsb on the seatbelts have not looked.

    I have ran 93 octane since day one. no issues what so ever. milage between 23-24 on the hwy.

    am not sure where this whole running more octane is bad theory comes from. it may not be nessesary but it will not hurt anything.

    Sometimes the internet can be a bad place to pick up info. there is alot of homegrow theory brought up. people swearing more octane is bad and you must change you synthectic oil every 3k. stuff like that. then they will defend it forever even though they are wrong.

    I have read where some people swore they got worse milage with 91-93 octane. I dont' know if that was an acurate baseline though. milage varies tank to tank with driving conditions.

    most people will agree with running 89 over 87 for some reason though. even though it goes against what they are trying to say because 87 is the manufactures "minimum" recomendation.
  4. 87 is the recommended, not the 'minimum' recommended. It's because higher octane may not burn fully whereas lower octane would. You should use the lowest octane that doesn't ping.

    There were a few huge tech articles linked in tech before, I'd have to search at home to find them.
  5. I was only trying to dispell the myth that it was harmful to run higher octane. I was not advocting it.

    Anyone who thinks there engine is going to be damaged runing 91 or 93 instead of 87 needs to take an automotive class.

    now some of the higher octanes have a lower flash point so it is possible to have undburnded fuel or worse milage I have not notice that though in my car.
  6. it will not be as reliable as your toyota. the end.
  7. damn straight lol. :nice: but i do favor Ford styling, hence my decision to get a Mustang.

  8. In what way can I enable my car to utilize premium fuel (91-93 octane)?
  9. In what way can I enable my car to utilize premium fuel (91-93 octane)?

    No "enabling" is required, just as none is required to wash your car with Perrier instead of tap water. In both cases, you just will not realize any benefit for the extra money spent. Now, if you want to modify your Mustang so that it both REQUIRES and benefits from premium fuel (such as more engine power), that's another matter entirely.
  10. [sarcasm]V-Power Baby, V-Power! [/sarcasm]

    I use 87, but you can use whatever makes you feel good. (I don't ping at 87) I just wouldn't let good marketing get in the way of your decision...
  11. so how do i have my engine recognize and use premium fuel's benefits?


  12. off topic ; Just wondering if that is you in your avatar, and what your name "Seraphitia" means?
  13. have like 90k miles on my 1995 GT , except the engine light lighting up randomly and my very poor gas mileage it's running good.
  14. "so how do i have my engine recognize and use premium fuel's benefits?"

    Start by reading the information at this URL:

    then see what questions you have. Some popular ways to increase compression ratio include, but are not limited to, turbochargers, superchargers, and internal engine changes.
  15. BUT it can plug your cats much sooner...and besides it is foolish to run a more exencive gas than you have to, there is no point.Will cost you all the way around.
  16. 23,500 kilometers (Canada),and my posi clutch pak,pinion gears,and pinion shaft needed to be replaced :nonono: .Pinion shaft was oval,not round,one pinion gear was sitting loosly,and clutch pack was warn out.The ford tech told me that the rear diff's centre section was improperly set up by ford. :notnice:

    Yhank God for warranty!! :bang:
  17. No that is not me in the avatar :nice: and as for "Seraphitia," I just like the name. :D
  18. Thanks for the informative link. :nice:
  19. 30K miles, some mods and more boost, and only oil changes so far :nice:
  20. Never had any problems with my car other than the stuff I did to it. After 36k, my window motor broke and had it replaced under warrenty. It was very odd though, all 3 of my buddies had the exact same thing happen. All of our windows broke in the same week.