How many miles was it before your GT had a problem(s)?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Seraphitia102, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. oh, seat belts died around 30k but warranty covered that when I went in at 48k miles.
  2. anyone ever experience head gasket issues on their 4.6? according to 3.8 forums, it's common on their engines

  3. friends both with 01 v6's have no problems. 1 was brand new, other was used
  4. are they stock mustangs? the problems I've heard regarding head gaskets usually applied to people who tuned up their cars. perhaps the 3.8 head gaskets can't withstand the heat of the additional power?
  5. You wont have any problems with the head gaskets on a 4.6. Unless you bore out the motor too much then you can run into issues.Reason why some big bores arent recommended with Forced induction. The cylinder walls are just too thin and you risk the chance of blowing a head gasket.
  6. yes they're stock... there was nothing worthwhile for them to do to them
  7. I can't stand stock V6's. They start out with crappy wheels and exhaust. Even my friend who put flowmaster 40's on them didn't sound TOO impressive. They still sound descent, but my satisfaction comes from a GT with flowmaster 40's.
  8. my friend's mustang has a major transmission failure and he believes it's because of the chip that he put in his mustang. according to the ford dealer that repaired it, they said that his pcm was completely destroyed and that the car was trying to change to gear 1 and 2 at the same time.

    does anyone know anything about this? i mean if it's actually possible to take out a car's transmission with a chip?
  9. :rlaugh: LOL :rlaugh: ROFLMAO :rlaugh: What the ***K are cats? I don't think I have ever heard of a mustang with them. J/K Also, I swear up and down, on a bible, whatever that I get 4-5 mpg better with premium than regular. This is based on 100% highway driving at 75 mph for the duration of the entire tank. And it was not a one try die deal, I have tried it 3 timers with each and I get 4-5 better with premium every time. I have to drive on the interstate through South Dakota for 390 miles, I really use this gas mileage thing as a fun goal I set for myself.
  10. my 89 Toyota Tercel with 189000 miles, igniter died today. First known recorded probrem since new...

    they are reliable, yes, but my god unexciting car they are.

    but good in gas tho
  11. First problem was at 46,000, when I replaced the IAC (rough starting). It was simple and cheap to fix.
  12. 02' GT around 8500 miles, the rear window shattered because I used the defroster. Ford blamed it on the tint. :(
  13. IF you have a manual, you wont have to worry about that. Get a good Dyno tune or burnt chip and your tranny will be fine. Depending on how much power you are putting to the ground of course.
  14. The igniter may have died, but the engine still works huh? lol :rlaugh:
  15. How did the tint ruin your window?
  16. I think it was a short in the defroster. Upon looking at the shattered glass it started close to that metal piece where the defoster hooks up and spread all the way across the window. Good thing the tint was there because that was the only thing holding all the shattered pieces. The first dealership I took it to denied my claim. So, I took back to the one where I purchased the car and they covered everything was about $1500 bucks in charges if I remember correctly.
  17. Did you just happen to use your defroster for the first time at 8,500 miles? Or did you use it over time and then your window shattered?
  18. That was the first time. You can bet that will be the only time. :rolleyes: