How many miles you have?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by PEWTERPONY, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. I've got 35,300 on my 02 gt which I've had 26 months i think......If I get a decent raise, I will be getting me a tacoma or ranger 4x4 for a daily and the GT will be garaged cept weekends, while i do more work to it
  2. i bought my 03 GT in november of 02 and now its got about 19500 on it. if i could i'd buy a daily driver but that just ain't gonna happen right now.
  3. i think i have about 18k miles on my 03gt.
  4. I only have 27,500 on my 01. I do not drive a lot, but that will change in may when college is over.
  5. 91 miles, black on black 04 GT
  6. 9,809 :D 2,000 of that was a trip to forida last month though :rolleyes:
  7. 33.5k on a 2002 gt... Had it for 22-23 months now.....
    went from Daily driver to after work,weekend car in december(finaly got the beater)
  8. ive got 43000 on my 03,ive had since december of 02. its my daily driver, i never understood the point of a beater, i enjoy driving my car my work requires it, why buy a taurus i hate. maybe itll make 150000 and the engine will crap out hell ill put another one in,tranny goes t-56.youre going to croak anyway so im going to drive the **** out of my car while im here
  9. not a stang but my '95 Nissan has just a tick over 36k. Daily driver but I just don't go many places, I usually bum rides :)

    I'm trying to keep it low mileage for a better trade on the mustang :D
  10. Ive got 63,000 on my 96, not too bad
  11. If you like your GT, why only enjoy it on the weekend? Does driving an ill handling truck during the week make the GT feel better on the weekend?

  12. 41,000 miles on my 01GT
  13. I bought mine Dec.02, and have 9,500, and most of those have came with in the last 6 months since I PCS'd to california, but cali is much better than North Dakota!!!
  14. had my 03 for 11 months and 10,500 miles
  15. 43K on my 00GT!! Like someone else said, y have a beater? Its made for driving, as long as u take care of it, it will last and look good. I know if I just let it sit in the garage, i wouldnt enjoy it as much!! Plus, i dont have to suffer the embarrasement of driving an import everyday :nice:
  16. 2002 GT. Have it for 25 months now. 17,650 miles

    I too, once drove my old '87 Crown Vic daily, but gotten to the point where I couldn't resist going a single day without driving the stang. Now the only time my beater Crown Vic sees road time is on rainy days.
  17. 1998 GT 47K
  18. 52k, 5 years in august