How many miles you have?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by PEWTERPONY, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. 129730

    129730 miles as of today
  2. 51,000 or so..
  3. 17,105 ON 03 MACH 1.. :bang:
  4. 132 miles on my 04. I got it two Mondays ago and it's the weekend toy as of right now.
  5. Ive got about 18,600 on my '03 GT. Bought it in Oct of '02 so Im not putting that many miles on it. Im about ready to get the 5.0 out of hibernation to help cut the miles on the '03 :D
  6. 31,205 on my 2000 Saleen. It was my daily driver for 6 months but then i laid it to rest. It's a weekend car now if that. I mostly drive my fiance's supra. Put miles on her instead of mine hahahhahahah
  8. broke 2,000 yesterday. :banana:
    i think it's about 2,070 right now...bought about 3 weeks ago :p
  9. 56,000 on my 99
  10. just turn over 16,000 miles on the way home from work today.......i've had it for about 22 months now,only driven in nice weather. 97 Ford Ranger XLT, the beater has 106,500.
  11. I just crested 78,000 miles in my 96GT. That's less than 10K per year....not too shabby.
  12. 36,000 on my 1999 GT
  13. I guess I have the most 160000 on my 98 gt. The first one went at a 100000 and then we got another off of a guy who had taken care of his until 100000 and sold it cheap. Still runs good but has rarely ever had anyone get on it. It's my mom's until I turn 16. My dad keeps it cleaned out though :D
  14. I just passed 62,000 on my 98.
  15. 17,890 on my 2000 GT
  16. 21,000 since Aug '02. Daily driver except when they salt the roads.
  17. 18,7xx on my 2000 GT :D
  18. my 01 GT has 33000 miles on it. I wish I could just drive my other car to save miles, but my other car is POS, and I only drive that in winter, and rainy days. and haven't rained here in while...
  19. 1998 --> 42,300 :)