How many miles you have?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by PEWTERPONY, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. 26937 on my 2000 GT
  2. 27 months, 45 g's on the sweet stang...
  3. a friend of mine had over 80000 on his bullit GT in less then a year
  4. 13,600 on my 03 GT. I bought it January 17th with 6300 on it.
  5. 1998 GT with 9,050K on it as of today. Bought it last November.
  6. Just turned 12K on the Cobra :nice:
  7. what the direma. want to drive my car, but want to keep ,miles down...
  8. oooooooomg

    i didn't drive my car much the first 2 years... i wish i did. i woulda learned faster than I wanted to mod it :p

    i enjoy driving soooooo much now, i missed out those first 2 years :(
  9. I got 40381 miles on my 02 GT daily driven to work and cruise daily. When I bought it had 27K miles. Me personally I dont plan to keep this car I want a 03 cobra. When I get it paid off in 4 and a half years lol I will get one. Also I might use this as a good drag car and have a cobra for my weekend car. OR just keep my 02 and if motor or trans go buy a crate motor or put another motor in it. I cant afford a beater car so I just do with what I have and be happy. I will soon get a better job and soon be able to start modding my car as I want it but for now I will continue working my ass off for $7.60 a hour. LoL
  10. I got 14,700 on my 2000 Stage II Roush.
  11. i just rolled up 14,000 on my 02...yup daily driver
  12. 2001 GT - 16K, not my daily driver :puke: :eek:
  13. my 03Gt has 2,400 miles :D
  14. ~47k miles

    Got it with 15k miles in '02 :(
  15. 98GT with ~28k miles. Yes I use a beater which saves about 10k miles/year. The biggest gain is that I use the beater to help keep the Stang more safe and door dent/bumper scrape free from the train station that I use for work. I drive the Stang as much as I can get seat time the other times, which is mostly local, but go to many car shows etc...
  16. 5200 miles since 01/03. Not driven often, but driven hard.

    Current reason for not driving the car: Its at a local tuner after my headers and cams.

    Normal reason for not driving the car: Assclown co-workers. Back in '00, someone did $400 worth of damage to my '99 Formula with their door. They simply have no concern for other people's property. So my '01 Formula, '02 Jetta 1.8T, and now the Mustang don't go to work except for rare occasions.
  17. 117,400 miles on my 99 GT. Stock motor, tranny, clutch, rearend.

    Interior immaculate, seats look brand new, and still runs like a top.
  18. I just recently turned over 20K miles on my 2002 GT. It is my daily driver while my truck is in the shop, and the truck has been in the shop for over two years now.
  19. 2889 miles on my '03 GT. I bought it last november with 526 miles on it.