how many of you are excited?

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  1. well i've been obsessed with the new mustang. i'm not really a mustang guy, either, i was planning on picking up a C6 to be honest but the 2010 mustang has me drooling. it seems like they just made the car better in every way (Especially the looks).

    so today i decided that i'm going to start just saving my pennies until the 2010 comes out. anybody else already planning on picking one up already?
  2. I was until I saw they have same 4.6 engine . I was waiting for 5.0 so I am not getting this 2010 mustang. On the better side I am going single turbo on my 02 mustang gt. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  3. well thats cool. the main reason why ford isn't dying like dodge and chevy is that they didn't allow themselves to be suckered into the horsepower/displacement race.

    thats why the mustang will continue to be affordable. why not just get the new stang with the factory blower option?
  4. I don't know if your aware of this, but the 2011MY, will have the new 400HP 5.0 4v. It will be out in March/April of 2010, and will also include a 6 speed Auto and Manual gearbox.

    At any rate, just something to look forward to within the next 12-15 months.
  5. HA!
    Which completely eliminates what you said there MakotoS13
    "The main reason why ford isn't dying like dodge and chevy is that they didn't allow themselves to be suckered into the horsepower/displacement race."

    ... anyway, so why didn't Ford decide to release this new 400hp 5.0L beast with the '10 model? I know why! Because they thought of it after.

    I found the '05 models to be a bit plain for my liking, and now this '10 model is just a woman's version of it. It has softer edges, more crappy gadgets added and the same cheap interior.

    But I'm being rough on the poor pony car. The car industry is dead, why on earth would you buy a NEW car?
    Just give me your money instead.
  6. incorrect. developing and implementing a completely new powertrain in the mustang would cost more. more cost equals more risk. every one of these companies are in safe mode right now because they know times are hard and are probably going to get a lot worse.

    the modular 302 was an afterthought even though mustangs owners have been begging for a 5 liter ever since it disappeared in 96?

    i dont think so.

    ...or maybe you just have no idea what you're talking about?
  7. So...
    you're a hater, who asks for an opinion, let's not forget; and when it's given, you lash out in frustration.

    And now, I don't know what I'm talking about, but well, hah, you were clearly proven to be wrong by someone else, mind you, and yet, it is obvious that you can't find a way to direct your own pathetic anger issues., You know what, buy a new car, because stupid ignorant jerks like you deserve to throw away their time.
    time = money genius.
    don't forget that, but i'm sure you will.
  8. why the hostility? calm down dude...

    i dont usually buy new cars, i let other people pay for depreciation... but there are exceptions to every rule.

    some people dont want to wait and some people can afford to pay for their impatience.

  9. FYI, all development and production costs have already been paid for. As a matter of fact, they were paid for before the current economic crisis ever took place. In addition, the new 400HP 5.0 4v, will not be used as a SE motor. But will be replacing the current 4.6L 3v altogether, as a mass production engine. Therefore production costs will be low as a direct result.

    In the meantime, this engine won't be fully ready, until the 2011MY goes into production in 2010. As Ford won't have all it's final testing completed before then.

    That being said, this new 400HP 5.0 4v, will debut on both the 2011 Mustang GT, and 2011 F-150 trucks in 2010 !
  10. thats cool, there is always risk involved when you change the plan. ford always plays it super safe, thats why most people think their cars are boring compared to the competition and the mustang has always been underpowered compared to its peers.

  11. That statment alone negates your entire post, the new interior is vastly improved , you liking it or not is a different aspect... The new interior is way superior to any previous Stang. I personally don't care about the engine options, I'd HOPED for a 350+ with 30ish mpg, but whatever. We'll get there eventually... even if its 20 years from now and gets 600 hp and 300 miles on one charge :rolleyes:
  12. Yes, your absolutely correct as the Mustang has always been underpowered when compared to the competition, however it's never been by more than 100HP. Therefore Ford had to step up to the plate, as a direct result. Otherwise Ford would risk losing sales to the competition for sure. And besides, the current 4.6L, is becoming old and outdated anyhow. :nice:
  13. man really, if they just put sme 32valve 4.6's in the car it would do fine!
  14. But if you think about it, the current 4.6 3v gets almost the same HP as the 32 valve 4.6 did in the 03-04 Mach 1.

    Where as this new 32 valve 5.0, will get 400HP, and will also get better fuel mileage than the current 4.6 3v :nice:
  15. well thats cool. i guess there is plenty of time to decide whether or not the 5.0 is actually coming and decide to wait a little longer for it if need be :)
  16. Oh you can count on it as coming, that's for sure. So I can assure you, the wait will definitely be well worth it :nice:
  17. The new interior is vastly improved from... ? what? a previously cheapER interior?
    so if you compare cheap with cheap, okay, you got me.

    Cheap interior is cheap.
    I don't care if it's a nicer cheap. It's still cheap.

    I can't say the word enough.

    so i fail to see how anything is nullified...

    and if you don't think it's cheap, then I suggest you sit in something other than your econobox. (you don't need to buy a Benz to have nice quality materials)
  18. guess what happens when you put fine leather stitched interior all throughout a car? the base model pricing goes through the roof. apparently cows dont skin themselves and it costs money to put in cars. its really weird.

    the 05 was way better than the previous gen and all the reviews (and pics) indicate that the new car is significantly better than the 05-09.

    its all pure speculation until you drive it for the first time but topgear checked it out and they sure as heck aren't american friendly but they seem to think the car is a heck of a lot better this time around.
  19. I agree. Personally as long as the seat and driving position is comfortable I'm good to go. Mustangs are about the driving experience not a super high end luxury interior.
  20. I haven't experienced the S-197 much since it came out, never really liked it so I kind of moved on from Mustangs after mine went its unfortunate way.

    I'm not too crazy about the face-lifted version either, kind of iffy on whether I think the styling is an improvement at all or the opposite. I think after seeing some on the streets I'll have a better idea, I do think they gave it a tad more character judging by the pics (again this coming from someone who finds the 05 too plain looking).

    I will say, they BETTER have improved that interior, I just got through with my Rental '09 V6 hardtop Mustang, and the interior, although fun *looking*, was atrocious in quality and materials. The whole experience was so jarring mainly due to the interior. It seems Ford has addressed this with the new Stang?